Dating reality show 'If you are envious, you have lost' set to air real-life celebrity love stories

Be ready to see Rainbow's Jisook and her boyfriend Lee Do Hee and other celebrities speak up about their love life

The new poster of the dating reality show, "If you are envious, you have lost" reveals information about the contestants. The new poster features the five main MCs for the show. In a stylish pose, five main MCs Jang Sung Kyu, Jang Do Yeon, Heo Jae, Jeon Somi, and VIXX's Ravi are all set for the new dating reality show on MBC. The show will start airing on March 9 at 11 pm. (KST) on MBC.

About the show

If you are jealous you have lost

The audience will get to watch the real-life love stories of celebrity couples. This show will put forward to you how celebrities live their everyday life. Some information on the celebrities appearing on the show is also available. Accordingly, Rainbow's Jisook and her boyfriend Lee Do Hee, chef Lee Won Il and "The Manager" producing director (PD) Kim Yoo Jin, and actress Choi Song Hyun and her boyfriend will make it to the show.

Till now, the dating shows were about setting up single celebrities who go through dating games, fights, misunderstandings and then the climax (either break up or getting together). But this show is about real-life couples and their love stories.

Among the contestants of the show, Jisook had confirmed that she was in a relationship with programmer Lee Do Hee in October 2019. She had spoken about her interesting love story about how hacker Do Hee made her fall in love. The five MCs with trench coats and cameras will speak out their honest mind regarding the life of celebrity couples taking part in the show.

Other Korean reality shows

Another reality show that is winning people's hearts is 'Heart Signal'. This show is about getting three Korean men and three women into a vacation home in Korea. The anchors monitor their dating routine and the show is more like a casual hookup, relaxing the minds of the audience.

"I Live Alone' is a reality show where the life of celebrities who are unmarried and live alone is the plot of the show. Records state that at least five million women live alone in Seoul. Here you can get a glimpse into the life of celebrities who are single and live alone.

Another interesting reality show is "Hyori's Bed & Breakfast (Hyori's Home Stay)". This show happens at the beautiful house of former K-pop superstar Hyori Lee and her husband Lee Sang Soon Jeju. The celebrity couple has opened their house for regular travellers and provides short-term bed and breakfast. There are surprise celebrity visitors like Park Bo Gum and IU who do mundane tasks like cleaning, vacuuming, washing dishes etc.