Daredevil Private Pilot Releases Never Seen Before Images of Area 51

Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that aliens are secretly living in Area 51, a remote military site located in Nevada desert

Area 51, the alleged site for experimentation on aliens operated by the United States Air Force (USAF) in Nevada desert, has been shrouded in mystery for decades. Conspiracy theorists strongly believe that this secret base is where the US military conducts experiments using alien technology. Some of them even believe that extraterrestrial aliens from deep space are living on this site. Now, a private pilot has released a handful of never before seen images of Area 51.

Private Pilot Keeps his Words

Earlier, while talking on the Joe Regan Experience podcast, private pilot Gabe Zeifman had claimed that he would release some unseen images captured in the vicinity of Area 51. Now, the pilot has released some of these images, and it shows never before seen views of Area 51.

area 51
Area 51 images taken by private pilot Gabe Zeifman

In the new pictures, angles in which they were snapped are from northwest of the base looking southeast, and until now, no photos from such angles were released.

Zeifman holds both private and commercial pilot licenses, and he has been flying planes since his teenage. During each flight across the area, he used to seek permission, and later capture images using a GoPro camera.

"So I've always wanted to go fly out there and now I just moved down to this area out and Okay, well, let's go do it. I again call Nellis and that's just standard for me. You don't have to talk to air traffic control under the rules I was flying under but you're perfectly welcome to and encouraged to so I called them and after they identified me I asked if the transitive restricted 48 06 West available? And they said, 'yeah,' so like, okay, well then I'm gonna do that. And then flew right along the boundary of the box. I mean, everybody has seen the views. It was pretty awesome," Zeifman told Mystery Wire.

area 51 image
Gabe Ziefman

Area 51 Mystery Continues

According to conspiracy theorists, the United States military first came into contact with aliens after the Roswell UFO crash. Later, the military allegedly took the aliens to the secret military installation.

Conspiracy theorists allege that the US military developed TR-3B, the alleged flying machine made through reverse engineering from this site. Interestingly, UFO sightings are also quite common in Area 51, and conspiracy theorists consider these events authentic proof of alien existence.