What's moved the internet world in 2019?

The year 2019 has seen several happening on the internet, with some leaving long-lasting memories in the internet world

Several memes and posts through 2019 left the internet in knots and surprises. The year saw several challenges that made the rounds while the cat lady was one of the most circulated memes this year. What has really moved the internet world this year?

While Kim K broke the internet years ago, her sister followed her suit and gained millions of followers on the internet, but no one thought that an egg would defeat both of them. It definitely was a strange year with Dobby doing the rounds on stranger's driveway and people decided on the Naruto run to storm the Area 51.

Grumpy Cat's death

Tardar Sauce, (Grumpy Cat)
Tardar Sauce, (Grumpy Cat) Gage Skidmore, Wikimedia Commons

The celebrity cat passed away this year in May after contracting a urinary tract infection. Tardar Sauce is known for her permanent grumpiness caused by an underbite and feline dwarfism. She became famous in 2012 after a photograph was posted on Reddit by Bryan Bundesen, the owner Tabatha's brother.

The Greta stare down

greta thunberg death stare

This was a widely circulated picture of Greta Thunberg and Donald Trump. The activist stared down the US President as they crossed paths in the United Nations in New York. It was remade into several memes where people talked about 'if stares could kill'.

World Record Egg

world record egg
The egg that broke the internet World_egg-record/Instagram

The Chris Godfrey egg broke the internet by cracking Kylie Jenner's record of most liked picture on Instagram. The creator of this egg was Chris Godfrey along with his friends Alissa Khan-Whelan and C.J. Brown. The internet did crack with this one.

Baby Yoda

baby yoda
Representational Image

The cutest addition to this list would be baby Yoda, who is making the rounds holding a cuppa into 2020. Today, the Yoda waddle has its own video which is yet again making people fall for the adorable things that Yoda is doing as a baby.

Area 51 storming

Invade Area 51
Facebook post

This did raise quite a lot of eyebrows from around the world as the internet decided to Naruto-run into Area 51 to save the Aliens. People practised the run while waiting right outside the military base. Although this fell through, people did enjoy the few months of planning and organizing the Naruto-run.

10-year challenge

One of the biggest challenge of 2019 was the ten year challenge. An opportunity grabbed by the netizens, including the celebrities to post a picture of themselves on social media to show the changes that took place in the past 10 years. It is also known as the glow-up challenge.

Kombucha Girl and her disapproval

The Kombucha girl is still making rounds with her unique looks on social media. This was a video of Brittany Broski trying Kombucha for the first time and regretting it in stages.

Game of Thrones with some Starbucks advertising

Game of thrones
Game of Thrones Starbucks cup YouTube Grab

The Mother of Dragons drank her cup of latte while filming the final season of the series. Everyone was left a little disappointed than sad about the season ending in a rush, and of course, the errors in editing.

The Bottle Cap challenge

There were elaborate videos and challenges in 2019, but bottle cap challenge made people do something for the earth. With the rising concern over plastics, people decided to avoid usage of plastic and the resulting videos of the challenge were simply amazing.