Cutie Pie Episode 12 [Finale] How to Watch, Airdate, Spoilers, and More

After watching the shocking cliffhanger of Cutie Pie episode 11, the followers of this Thai BL drama are curious to know what lies ahead for Kuea Keerati and Hia Lian in the final chapter. Episode 12 will air on Workpoint TV this Saturday, May 14, at 10.30 pm ICT. People from various parts of the world, including the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, India, Singapore, and South Korea, can watch the mini-series online on the official website of the broadcasting channel.

The official YouTube channel of Mandee Channel will include the last episode of this Thai BL drama to its playlist with subtitles on Sunday, May 15, at 1 am ICT. The non-Thai speaking population from various parts of the globe, like the Middle East, Brazil, Mexico, France, Germany, Europe, South Africa, and New Zealand, can enjoy the show on the YouTube channel.

The mini-series is coming to an with the 12th episode, and the viewers are curious to know if the onscreen couple will get their happy ending. The promo video for this week shows Lian trying to convince his fiance to the marriage. But Kuea seems to be adamant about calling off the engagement. Kuea tells Lian that their relationship may not last long. So, it's better to break up now.

Cutie Pie
Kuea Keerati and Hia Lian will face some unexpected challenges in Cutie Pie episode 12. Twitter

After hearing it, Lian searched Kuea only to find him in trouble. As Lian and his manager search for Kuea, they stop the car seeing something shocking. The viewers will get to know if Kuea is in danger when they watch the last episode of this mini-series on Saturday.

Cutie Pie Episode 11 Recap

Previously in the Thai BL drama, Kuea asked his mother if the family business was going well. For which she calmly said there was nothing to worry about it. Though they did not get much profit from the silk business, it is still running smoothly. Kuea understood that his mother was not willing to open up. So, he decided to wait until they told him everything.

In the meantime, he focussed on his studies. He then went to the pub and sang a new song to relieve stress. His friends went there to cheer him up. Diao was also there watching him singing. When Lian came to know about it, he went to the pub and unexpectedly met Kuea's friends. He asked them to keep it a secret. Diao was also shocked to see Lian at the pub. He could not hide the truth from his best friend.

Cutie Pie
Kuea struggles to hold back his tears in Cutie Pie episode 12. Twitter

Diao informed Kuea know that Lian knew about his secret life. Upon hearing it, Kuea became curious to know why his fiance never confronted him. He went and asked Lian why he was hiding things from him. Lian apologized to Kuea for keeping secrets. But Kuea was not pleased, and he wanted to call off their engagement. But Kuea's mother interrupted them. She told her son that they are going through a bad phase in life, and Lian is helping them to overcome it.

Kuea felt worthless after hearing everything and thought he could become a burden to Lian in the future. But he hid his feelings from everybody and attended the birthday celebration of Lian's father. When Lian proposed Kuea during the party, the latter said he did not deserve it. He walked out with tears sadly, and Lian was shocked to hear it.