CumRocket Crypto to Onboard 'Hundreds of Models' on their Platform Soon, Reveals CEO Lydia

CumRocket crypto which was poised to race ahead from OnlyFans after the x-rated premium content sharing platform sent out a tweet saying they would stop all adult related content on their website.

However, OnlyFans took a complete u-turn a week later saying they would not stop any x-rated content on their platform and made its rivals take a step back.

CumRocket Cryptocurrency Coin CUMMIES

CumRocket is now looking at newer ways to boost its prospects and is taking on OnlyFans by signing hundreds of models on their platform. Subscribers can tip models with CUMMIES once they are on board making it the official form of transaction between the two parties.

The CEO of CumRocket, Lydia, in a latest update revealed that the team would soon on board ''hundreds of models'' and that the numbers will gradually increase every month.

''We are making amazing progress everyday, and functionality like the chat feature will come sooner than expected. We are gradually onboarding models. So far we have 100 models with accounts, whom we have been doing internal testing with, as well as listening to their feedback to improve the user flows,'' said Lydia in a statement on Reddit via Discord.

Lydia also confirmed that the team is reaching out to many more models in the adult industry and is getting them on board as part of the CumRocket community.

''We are now almost ready to invite a wider group of models who will begin onboarding in the upcoming days. On top of this, we are actively reaching out to new models to ensure that CumRocket is becoming more widely recognised within the adult community, so far around 100 new models (from a diverse background) have been contacted!''

Tesla CEO Elon Musk had previously shown his interest in CumRocket by tweeting emojis hinting CumRocket to the moon. The coin then doubled in price the same day and investors hope he would take on the mantle the same way he did with Dogecoin. However, Musk has not tweeted or spoke about CumRocket since then.

CumRocket, listed as CUMMIES in the indices was trading at $0.02 in the days trade and is down -0.7%. The coins market cap presently stands at $34,456,082.

This article was first published on September 20, 2021