'Cruise Ship Karen' Tests Positive for COVID-19; Creates Ruckus For Being Removed in Viral Video

An unvaccinated woman played the victim card when she was forcibly removed from a cruise ship after being tested positive for COVID-19. The woman later uploaded her video on TikTok under the username Amethyst216.

The incident took place on the cruise ship of the Royal Caribbean. On its website, the company has mentioned that vaccination is "recommended" but not required at only one port—Florida. The website further states: "Since the majority of our guests will be vaccinated onboard, there will be venues and events restricted to vaccinated guests only."

cruise ship karen
The woman dubbed as cruise ship Karen on social media. Twitter

Woman Claims She Had COVID-19 Three Months Ago

The video which has gone viral on social media with the woman being dubbed as 'Cruise Ship Karen', @amethyst216 captioned her post; "Went on #RoyalCaribbeanFreedomOfTheSea July 2 We gave them our negative Covid test &they accidentally gave us a band 4 vaccinated ppl."

The video begins with the woman shouting "Ridiculous" as she points the camera towards the arrangements being made for her departure from the cruise ship.

"They closed off the freakin' floor at our rooms. Look at our luggage; it's wrapped in freaking plastic," says the woman as the camera pans towards a luggage trolley carrying plastic wrapped suitcases and bags.

"Look, they sanitized everything, as if we're really contagious," she continues, "as if I really had COVID; I had COVID three months ago," she says as a cruise employee moves her wheelchair towards the exit.

Karen Accuses of Cruise of Lying About Tests

As she nears the gate, an ambulance is seen waiting for her while the staff is seen wearing hazmat suits. She refuses to enter the ambulance and asks the person moving her wheelchair to stop pushing her.

Threatening to jump off the wheel chair, the woman shouts, "I'm gonna be in charge of my own fucking life." She tells the staff that she came onto the boat with a negative PCR test and claims she had a high antibody count. She then accuses the employees of lying to her about the test, "They're f**king lying!"

The woman then goes to say that she is going to have a heart attack, "Won't this be a freakin' story for the printed press."