The Crown series welcomes its new star Olvia Colman as Queen Elizabeth II

Welcome the new face Olivia Colman of "The Crown Series " who has been roped in to play the role of Queen Elizabeth II.

The Crown

Welcome the new queen Olivia Colman of "The Crown Series " who has been roped in to play the role of Queen Elizabeth II in the upcoming third and fourth series.Claire Foy who was previously enacting the role of Queen Elizabeth for the first two seasons was nominated for her work as the best actress in Emmy nominations.

She also won several other accolades for best actress in golden Globe award and Screens Actor Guild Award.The season 2 would make its presence on Netflix from December 8, with speculation wild over the role of Prince Philip played by Will Smith.

"I don't know if I know," Smith told Seth Meyers on Late Night. "I'm not meant to know, but I know," Smith told the host about the possible replacement of his role in "The Crown "

While The Crown Season 2 is all set to make its debut this week followed by season 3 and 4 with productions underway, Peter Morgan is intended to replace the key cast members in the latter seasons, in order to portray the main character better as they age.

The plot of the first season revolves around the story of Queen Elizabeth II reign . The story covers the period of her marriage to Philip, the Duke of Edinburgh in 1947 to the disintegration of her sister Princess Margaret's engagement to Peter Townsend in 1955.

From there season 2, the story will take on the scandals of the royal family that brought down the prime minister Harold Macmillan 's government. But Season 2 will bid adieu to stars like Foy and Smith who reprised the role of Will Smith and the Queen.

This season's new faces have been Mathew Goodefr as Antony Armstrong and Michael C Hall portraying as dynamic President John F Kennedy. The other actors are Jodi Balfour who will be playing John F Kennedy's charming wife and Paul Sparks as Rev Billy Graham.