Stop jumping from one relationship to another; Take 'single break' instead

Jumping right into a relationship after a break up will likely cause you end up with the wrong person, said a study.


We always jump towards a conclusion in our relationship with "the one", without giving a second thought about anything else. Then, we find out that "the one " is not that special, which leads to a breakup. Going through a break up with 'the one" leads to a rough phase in life.

For some, it's hard to move on, especially when you are together for a long period, while for some, it's easy to move on and find another partner in online dating apps or on our friend list. However, it has been revealed that jumping right into a relationship after a break up will likely cause you end up with the wrong person.

A study shows that love is like a drug and causes withdrawal symptoms, leading us to be involved with the wrong person. In that situation, the mind is not given enough time to detox from the previous attachment and the body undergoes withdrawal symptoms from the feelgood chemicals formed by the relationship. These chemicals are released into the brain when you're in love. As per a New Jersey psychologist, when you are in the initial break up phase, the withdrawal symptoms trigger an impulse to involve yourself in another relationship.

Ignoring these signs will likely to make you vulnerable to negative relationships or lead you to end up with a bad one. Dr. Danielle Forshee, New Jersey, specialized in counseling relationship and marriage, suggests that our body is restless towards love, similar to one getting addicted towards gambling, sex, and drugs. It happens due to neurotransmitter dopamine that controls the rewards system in the brain.

Forshee further told DailyMail Online, "Being addicted to love means you're addicted to the attachment and comfort of a person and addicted to the dopamine high that comes along with the relationship."

The reason for a couple to hold their hands, cuddle or orgasm more than 10 seconds is because of Oxytocin and Vasopressin. Forshee further warns that a new relationship can be more about getting the rush of hormones than about the person.

Sometimes rebounding in the relationship exists as few people go back to their ex, as they are comfortable with their behavior. So, instead of letting hormones dictate your relationship, being single will help your body to undergo the change of being without someone.

Here are few tips by psychologist Gina Barreca from Psychology Today on how to act after your break with someone.

  • Keep aside all the photographs of your relationship, erase all the love messages and avoid stalking your ex on Facebook.
  • Put your phone in an airplane mode after 10 pm at weekend in order give your life a break.
  • Avoid speaking about the movies you saw with your partners or your favorite songs.
  • Give an emotional commitment to yourself, where you have enough time to mourn your break up, and stop drinking more than twice when you're in the break up phase.
  • Build up your own strength as getting over a break up is very tough and you have everyone to console you making you weaker.
  • Get out of your house, try new activities by giving some space for yourself.