Popular TV journalist Matt Lauer fired for alleged sexual assault

The popular co-host of NBC "Today" Matt Lauer was fired from the office by NBC, last night due to his inappropriate sexual behavior with his subordinate female employees.

Matt Lauer

The popular co-host of NBC "Today" Matt Lauer was dismissed from NBC last night due to his inappropriate sexual behavior with his subordinate.The channel received two new complaints about Lauer's behavior on November 25. The removal of Matt Lauer has shaken his fans and the four million viewers of his show.

Matt Lauer was one of the most bankable and prominent personalities of NBC News and was one of the highest paid journalists in the television Industry.

NBC in a memo said to its staff that Lauer's misconduct started in 2001, when his relationship with his employee at the Sochi Olympics went beyond the given assignment.

Lauer started his career in the TV industry as a producer of a noon news program at WOWK –TV in Huntington, West Virginia.

Lauer first joined NBC in 1994 as "The Today Show " host, where he has interviewed many famous personalities like Hillary Clinton, Prince William and Prince Harry. The first complaint about his behavior in his 20 years of service in NBC was made in 2001. One employee under an anonymous condition has told the New York Times that Mr. Lauer had summoned her to his office and assaulted her by locking the door.

She also said that she passed out and received medical treatment after the assualt. But, she couldn't report the issue to the channel in the fear of losing her job. When Variety conducted a two-month investigation on Lauer's behavior, they found out more than 10 accounts from current and former employees.

He is also known to pass lewd comments in text messages, used to intertwine sex with work and make situation difficult for his female colleagues. In another incident, he had summoned a female employee to his office and dropped his pants down showing his genitals.