Creepy Delivery Driver Groped Playboy Model on Doorstep and Said, "I can't Wait to Tell My Friends"

"I can't Wait to Tell My Friends," says creepy delivery driver who groped woman on doorstep.

A creepy delivery driver reportedly groped a Playboy model while handing over a parcel on the doorstep. According to reports, stunning model Hannah Peeters, 25, claims she was in shock after being groped by the creepy delivery driver on her own doorstep.

Peeters was left feeling 'violated' by the Evri formerly known as Hermes' driver as he squeezed her boobs and tried kissing her.

The London-based model also revealed that the delivery driver delivered a parcel of clothes before enquiring if her breasts were genuine and then grabbed them reaching into her bra. He also proceeded to compliment her lip-size and leaned in to kiss the model.

Hannah Peeters
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"I can't wait to tell all my friends," the delivery driver told her as he left her house.

"I feel violated. Just because I get my boobs out on TV and in magazines doesn't mean some seedy man can touch me whenever he wants," the young model told The Sun adding that as a result, she is now scared to open her door.

The incident in now being investigated by the Met Police. Moreover, a spokesperson for Evri said, "We take any allegations seriously".

Groping Incidents Involving Models

This is not the only case related to groping. In 2020, a British-born Playboy model waiving her right to anonymity claimed that she was groped by a man in a California hotel room.

In another similar case, famous model and actress Emily Ratajkowski in her book 'My Body' alleged that she was groped by singer Robin Thicke during the filming for the hit song Blurred Lines in 2013.