Drug Dealer Rapes Teen Girl Staying at Luxury Bahamas Hotel With Family on Holiday

A teen girl has been raped by a drug dealer at a luxury Bahamas hotel she was staying with her family.

A teenage girl, who was staying at a luxury Bahamas hotel with her family has been raped by a known drug dealer. The teen's devastated father has now revealed how his daughter was raped after the luxury hotel allowed the known drug dealer to enter its premises, according to Daily Star.

Local police have charged the drug dealer identified as Henry Richard Nixon for allegedly raping the teen girl, whose name is known to be only 'L.H.', at the Hyatt Baha Mar luxury hotel in Nassau in the Bahamas.

The victim's father, who hails from Pennsylvania in the United States told the New York Post that the attack on his daughter was "a family's worst nightmare." He also mentioned that the trauma would be there with her for lifetime.

Teen raped at luxury Bahamas hotel
Michael Winkleman

The father of the victim is now launching a $10million (£7.6million) lawsuit against the luxury hotel in the Bahamas accusing them of not doing enough for the protection of his daughter.

Court documents filed by the victim's representatives also criticise the hotel for its apparent failure to prevent a reputed criminal getting onto the premises of the hotel.

"Hyatt boasts its ability to provide families with a safe vacation, yet there were no security personnel which intervened to prevent this preventable crime. Defendant's failure to take reasonable and necessary precaution caused T.H. to suffer a horrific, life-altering event," the court document read.

The documents also narrates how the teenage rape victim had left her room early morning to answer a phone call of her friend when Nixon started talking to her. The documents reveal that the perpetrator had reportedly lured the teen victim into a cabana shelter before raping her.

Noticing that the girl was missing in the night, parents parents went on a frantic hunt only to find the drug dealer raping their daughter. Reports suggest the parents of the victim used her phone to track her whereabouts, after which they found Nixon on top of their teen daughter.