The Interest Of Love Ending Explained, Episode 16 (Finale) Recap: Ha Sang Su-Ahn Su Yeong Reunion

The Interest Of Love ending (episode 16) aired on JTBC Thursday, February 9 at 10.30 pm KST. It focused on the complicated relationship between Ha Sang Su and Ahn Su Yeong. The finale featured a surprise reunion between the onscreen couple that helped them recollect the times they shared in the past.

The last episode of this mini-series kept the viewers on the edge of their seats with unexpected plot twists. As expected, Sang Su does not see Su Yeong after he returns to Seoul. He spends four years thinking about her and focusing on his work. During this time, he gets promoted to assistant manager.

All the employees of the Youngpo branch gather together for the wedding of Ma Du Sik and Bae Eun Jung. Team leader Lee Gu Il is still a bachelor, and Sang Su is getting ready to work at a new branch. Branch manager Yook Si Kyung retired, and deputy manager Noh Tae P is the new branch manager. Team leader Seo Min Hee is pregnant with her third child.

When the former colleagues gather together, they become curious about Su Yeong and Park Mi Kyung. But no one has a clear answer about it. Most of them feel uncomfortable talking about the ladies in front of Sang Su. So, he takes an early leave and goes on a blind date. In the meantime, Mi Kyung comes and chats with everybody. She is currently working at the headquarters.

The Interest Of Love
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A Secret Deal

Min Hee is the only person who is in touch with Su Yeong. She is still looking forward to a reunion between the onscreen couple. When Min Hee hears about Su Yeong's plans to take a loan, she becomes excited because she knows Sang Su will be joining the branch soon. Min Hee knows that Sang Su is still searching for Su Yeong.

On the day Sang Su gets ready to join the new branch, he sees a woman who looks similar to his former lover. He chases her only to get disappointed. But he ends up noticing a cafe with the paintings of Su Yeong. Every drawing in that cafe reminds him of their time together. In the meantime, Su Yeong visits the bank and gets all paperwork done for the loan. As Sang Su reaches the office, Su Yeong leaves the place.

An Unexpected Encounter

Although Sang Su missed the chance to meet his former lover, Mi Kyung manages to see her friend again during a painting exhibition. The reunion between two old friends becomes awkward when Mi Kyung starts talking about their love life. Su Kyung stays silent throughout the meeting by smiling and answering a few questions from her old friend. They also talk about Jeong Jong Hyun, who became a police officer.

When Su Yeong returns to the cafe, she finds out that a customer wants to know the meaning behind the name she gave to her shop. She doesn't pay much attention to it and moves with her work when a photo of her ex-lover captures her attention. She remembers the good times he spent with him and the day she took that picture.

On the other end, Sang Su goes through the loan forms only to find his ex-girlfriend's name in one of them. He visits the cafe after work only to find it closed. Although Sang Su thinks of calling her, the male lead hesitates to dial the number. The next day he decides to visit her with work as an excuse, and they meet each other after several years.

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An Awkward Meeting

When Sang Su met his former lover after four years, he did not know what to tell her. They just spoke about work and had a casual chat before biding adieu to each other. But they could not stop thinking about one another. Since Su Yeong struggles to conclude, she visits Min Hee in the hospital, who just gave birth to her third baby.

Min Hee asks Su Yeong to stop bottling up her feelings and start living happily. She also tells her ex-colleague that the people destined to be together will end up together. On her way back to the cafe, Su Yeong sees Jong Hyun busy at work as a traffic police. She passes by, but he doesn't see her. So, Su Kyung waits for him to notice. When he sees her, she smiles and walks away.

Sang Su visits the cafe for inspection the next day and informs her that her loan is approved. When the former couple realizes they may not meet again, they hesitate to say goodbye. Sang Su spends some time in the cafe painting and leaves the cafe with his work. Su Kyung doesn't stop him from walking out. Later, she struggles with the pain of separation.

Confrontation and Confession

Sang Su and Su Yeong unexpectedly see each other at their usual place. They talk a bit over coffee and plan to meet again the next day to have the famous pork cutlet. On their way to the cafe, the couple confronts one another and confesses their mistakes. They talk about the time when they were not together.