Crash Course in Romance Episode 15 Recap: An Unexpected Death and A Shocking Announcement

After keeping the viewers on the edge of their seats for a week, Crash Course in Romance returned with episode 15 on Saturday, March 4. The chapter began by focusing on Ji Dong Hee. Star teacher Choi Chi Yeol continued his secret investigation into his mysterious manager. He shared his findings with his girlfriend and former national athlete Nam Haeng Sun.

The penultimate episode of Crash Course in Romance took the viewers through an emotional roller-coaster ride. Dong Hee rejoined the office as Chi Yeol's manager. The staff members welcomed him warmly. Chi Yeol quietly watched everything from his cabin. Dong Hee informed the star teacher about his scheduled meeting. Chi Yeol requested his manager to attend the meeting on his behalf because he was unwell. Dong Hee happily agreed and asked the star teacher to get some rest.

When Dong Hee reached the academy to attend the meeting, he overheard a phone conversation between Haeng Sun and Jang Dan Ji. When Dong Hee heard about Hae Yi's recovery, the killer rushed to the hospital to kill her. Haeng Sun was on her back to the hospital, and Hae Yi's mother was got for a coffee when Dong Hee entered the room. He tried to choke her to death.

In the meantime, Chi Yeol went to his manager's house to get more details about him. He discovered the special pen that Dong Hee used and Jeong Su Hyeon's diary. Chi Yeol realized that Dong Hee was Su Hyeon's younger brother. Meanwhile, the detectives also tracked the whereabouts of the serial killer. Detective Bae called Chi Yeol to alert him. But the star teacher did not attend the call. His phone was in the car.

Crash Course In Romance Episode 13
Jeon Do Yeon and Shin Jae Ha as Nam Haeng Sun and Dong Hee in Crash Course In Romance Episode 13. Twitter/tvN

An Unexpected Death

As Dong Hee tried to choke Hae Yi to death, Haeng Sun reached out for her niece's help. Chi Yeol also tried to stop his manager from committing another crime. The star teacher chased the killer when he tried to run away. Chi Yeol followed Dong Hee to the top of the building. The star teacher confronted his manager for all the wrongdoings. When Dong Hee tried to blame his boss, Chi Yeol stopped him.

The star teacher tried to convince his manager to surrender. But Dong Hee said he would not go to the police station because he does not feel guilty about his crimes. Dong Hee said he has no one to protect in this world. He said goodbye to the star teacher and jumped off the building. Dong Hee died, and it took some time for the star teacher to recover from the shock.

A Big Decision

Crash Course in Romance episode 15 then focussed on Lee Sun Jae. The high-schooler and his family faced several challenges after he confessed his mistake to the teacher. Everybody came to know about the leaked question paper. Jo Su Hee and his friends asked school authorities to punish Sun Jae for his mistake.

When the school authorities did not take action against Sun Jae, the mothers started protesting in front of the school. The high-schooler did not want to continue studying in that school any longer. So, he decided to drop out of school.

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In between, Hae Yi woke from the coma when Haeng Sun went out to meet her boyfriend. When the high-schooler woke up, she saw her biological mother beside her. Hae Yi started searching for Haeng Sun. The former national athlete received a call from her sister. Chi Yeol and Haeng Sun rushed to the hospital to meet Hae Yi.

Nam Jae Woo, Kim Young Joo, Dan Ji, and Seo Geon Hu reached the hospital and met Her Yi. But Sun Jae did not dare to meet his best friend. He waited for some more days before going to the hospital. When Sun Jae met Hae Yi, he informed her about dropping out.

A Shocking Announcement

When Hae Yi returned home, her family arranged a welcome party. During the party, she made a shocking announcement. The high-schooler informed everybody that she was planning to stay with her biological mother in the future. It was not easy for her to make the decision. When Haeng Sun, Jae Woo, and Young Joo were busy preparing for the welcome party, Hae Yi found her biological mother trying to get some money from Chi Yeol.

Although Hae Yi stopped her mother from asking for money from the star teacher, she was emotionally affected by it. She cried alone and told Sun Jae everything. He said no one could choose their parents, but they could be better people than their parents. The words helped Hae Yi make the decision to leave South Korea and go to Japan with her mother so that her aunt and uncle get the happiness they deserve.

Crash Course in Romance episode 16 (finale) will air on tvN Sunday, March 5, at 9.10 pm KST.