COVID-19 vaccine: Russia Plans to Begin its Own Coronavirus Vaccine Clinical Trials from Monday

  • Approval by the Russian Healthcare Ministry, Avifavir, will be supposedly supplied to Russian hospitals on June 11

  • Home made vaccine to enter clinical trial phase from tomorrow

Russia, the country which has reported 405,843 Coronavirus cases as of now and appeared as the third top infected nations in the world, is now planning to start clinical trials of a vaccine against the COVID-19.

While Russian researchers are currently working on almost 50 different vaccine projects, The clinical trial of the Russian Health Ministry's vaccine against the coronavirus is set for June 1. Director of the Gamaleya National Epidemiology and Microbiology Research Center Alexander Gintsburg told President Vladimir Putin about the trial process.

He also said, "As for those figures that we will hear now, I ask you to consider them as preliminary rather than final figures. It's clear that they can change. <...> By May 31, a whole range of preclinical studies will be completed and clinical trials will be launched on June 1."

Russia's Own Coronavirus Vaccine

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As per the reports Kremlin officials stated that Russian scientists are currently working on almost 50 different vaccine projects. Murashko said "The tests are underway and we plan to start clinical trials in the next two weeks," and added that the participants of this trial had been selected. At this time several researchers and drug-making firms are trying to find a cure for the SARS-CoV-2 which has killed more than 364,000 people in the world.

As per the early reports, a Chinese COVID-19 vaccine, developed by the Beijing Institute of Biological Products and China National Biotec Group Co, is expected to be available as soon as the end of 2020. The vaccine has completed phase II testing and as per the recent report, it may get ready for the commercial launch at the end of this year or early next year.

Chinese researchers working on another COVID-19 vaccine said they are "99 percent" sure that it will be effective. The biotech company Sinovac currently has its COVID-19 vaccine in stage-two trials, with over 1,000 volunteers taking part in the experiment. As per the firm, it is now planning to hold stage three trials - the final part of the trial process - in the U.K.

Russian drug can be supplied to hospitals

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It was also reported Tass news agency that a drug developed by Russia, Avifavir, will be supposedly supplied to Russian hospitals on June 11. The Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF) spokesperson mentioned that 18,000 packs of the pharmaceutical have already been produced, while "Process capabilities enable producing 60,000 packs per month and 720,000 packs per year."

It should be mentioned that Avifavir has received approval from the Russian Healthcare Ministry and was included in the state register of drugs. RDIF said the final stage of clinical trials is underway, with the participation of 330 patients.

Another Russian vaccine project is being undertaken by the Vektor Institute in Siberia whose director general, Rinat Maksyutov, said on Saturday that he hoped to complete clinical trials in mid-September.

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