Australian Singer Guy Sebastian Who Posted Wuhan Seafood Market Video, Not Sure of Eating Bat

  • Guy Sebastian visited China's Wuhan city in November 2019

  • He was thought to be the patient zero of Australia

  • He also developed pneumonia-like symptoms in December

Australian singer and songwriter, Guy Sebastian tried to remember if he had eaten bat during his holiday in China's Wuhan city, the initial epicenter of the novel Coronavirus, in the late last year. It is claimed that the COVID-19 disease, caused by the novel Coronavirus, passed from animals to humans at Wuhan's Huanan Seafood Wholesale Market at the time when the 38-year-old winner of the Australian Idol in 2003, Guy Sebastian visited the Chinese city.

It should be noted that the Australian celebrity, earlier denied being the country's 'patient zero' for COVID-19, after experiencing pneumonia-like symptoms when he returned from China.

Guy Sebastian's China trip

Guy Sebastian
Guy Sebastian in China's Wuhan seafood market Instagram

Australia's The X Factor judge, Guy Sebastian told Hughesy and Ed that he possibly ate bat after being asked about a video that was posted to Instagram in November, featuring the celebrity eating street food in Wuhan during his visit the capital of Hubei province. Guy Sebastian also mentioned that he "pretty much ate everything while I was over there" and added that "I'm eating the most rancid stuff, like frog legs and all sorts of weird stuff. Mate, I'll try anything once."

The celebrity also said that he went to Wuhan at the start of November, which is pretty much when the Coronavirus outbreak hit the city. He mentioned that he had developed a cough and fever in December, and doctors said he had either bronchitis or pneumonia.

To clarify the confusion about what he exactly ate at the controversial market, Guy Sebastian stressed that "I don't think I ate bat." He claimed "I definitely didn't intentionally eat bat. But then I get pneumonia-like symptoms."

Australia Patient Zero

As per the reports, when The Voice judge asked his general physician recently about getting an antibody test done, he was told that it is not possible while the reason is not clear.

He recently told The Advertiser that he didn't spread the novel Coronavirus in Australia and laughed off claims that he was "patient zero." The Battle Scars singer also said that "I sort of self-diagnosed that I had it," downplaying his previous comments on Sydney radio that he possibly had the disease in late 2019.

Wuhan Wet Market Theory

Here it should be mentioned that recently Chinese scientists have claimed that COVID-19 may not have emanated from a wet market in the city of Wuhan selling live animals, the place where Guy Sebastian ate several unknown street foods.

Researchers mentioned that newly found evidence suggests "multiple origins of the transmission of the virus." As per the Chinese scientists, they dismissed the reports which claim that the SARS-CoV-2 originated in the Wuhan seafood market.

Gao Fu, director of the Chinese Centre for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), said on Monday, May 25 that the controversial market is more of a victim rather than the origin of the novel Coronavirus. He also revealed that he went to Wuhan to collect samples for the virus research in January 2020. But as per him, no viruses were found in the animal samples.

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