South Korea Again Closes Schools And Public Places as Seoul Sees Second Wave of Coronavirus Cases

  • South Korea had previously been praised for its exemplary response to the novel Coronavirus pandemic

  • In Seoul, Museums and Art Galleries are forced to close again

South Korea, which has reported 11,402 cases as of now and recently eased the lockdown, forced to close hundreds of schools, museums, and art galleries after health authorities noticed a spike in new Coronavirus cases after in the post-lockdown session.

In the past three days, the country has seen 177 new COVID-19 cases, which is now considered as a threat to South Korea's achievements as a nation to curb the spread of the virus. Only on Friday, the country with a population of more than 51 Million, reported a total of 58 new COVID-19 cases in the densely populated Seoul metropolitan area. Bars, nightclubs, and other entertainment venues, which have been identified as a major vector for the spike in COVID-19 cases, have also shuttered.

New Cases in South Korea

Schools closed
South Korea forced to close schools again Twitter

It followed South Korea's biggest jump in the Coronavirus cases in more than 50 days on Thursday, May 28, when the officials reported 79 infection cases. Currently, as per the reports, the healthcare officers are trying to stem the transmissions to a huge e-commerce warehouse near Seoul.

South Korea lifted the nationwide restrictions of May 6. But now the government ordered to shut down public places such as parks, museums and state-run theatres in the metropolitan area for the next two weeks to slow the spread of the Coronavirus. Over 250 schools which opened recently, were again ordered to close the gates. Officers also advised the computer gaming lounges around the capital to shut during the period or enforce anti-virus measures.

South Korea health minister Park Neung-hoo told AFP, "We have decided to strengthen all quarantine measures in the metropolitan area for two weeks from tomorrow to June 14." After the government announced new measures, Seoul Museum of Art quickly updated its website, stating that it is "temporarily closed for the safety of citizens and the prevention of the spread of the COVID-19 disease," while Leeum, the Samsung Museum of Art, is offering visitors a virtual reality tour while it remains closed.

Other closed facilities in the culture-rich capital of South Korea include the Seoul Museum of Art (Seosomun-dong); Nam-Seoul Museum of Art; Buk-Seoul Museum of Art; SeMA Bunker; SeMA Warehouse; Paik Nam June Memorial Museum; and SeMA Nanji Residency.

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