Court asks Gu Hye Sun to pay for damages, says Ahn Jae Hyun's agency; actress's side says it's untrue

Actress Gu Hye Sun's legal representatives are preparing to file an appeal against HB Entertainment regarding the ongoing dispute of termination of the contract

The divorce case of actress Gu Hye Sun (Ku Hye Sun) is in news again as following the decision to legally separate from Ahn Jae Hyun, the Blood actress had applied for termination of the contract with HB Entertainment.

HB Entertainment of which Ahn Jae Hyun is a member, released a statement that the court in the contract termination case asked Gu Hye Sun to pay damage charges.

HB Entertainment claims

Gu Hye Sun

The statement from HB Entertainment stated that Gu Hye Sun signed with the agency in June 2019. But after Ahn Jae Hyun announced divorce from Gu Hye Sun, she asked the company to terminate her contract. "Back on September 11, 2019, Goo Hye Sung filed to terminate her exclusive contract with our agency. In response, HB Entertainment filed a counter lawsuit due to our loss of loyalty in Goo Hye Sun, as well as her actions which violate her exclusive contract rights," stated the agency.

Further, it said that the court had disapproved Gu Hye Sun's appeal and reasons given requesting for early termination of the contract. It also said that the contract was terminated and the court has ordered Gu Hye Sun to pay HB Entertainment in specified damages.

But reports claimed that soon after HB Entertainment released its statement, Gu Hye Sun took to Instagram (the post is not available now) to give her reaction and wrote that some parts of the ruling were omitted from the judgment. "Don't worry and sleep well," her post read.

Gu Hye Sun's legal representative responded

As per reports in AllKpop, soon after this, Gu Hye Sun's representatives under 'Goo Hye Sun Film' updated her profile information and photo via SNS. Her representatives also stated that due to omitted parts in judgment the actress is considering filing for an appeal.

Explaining about the court order, Gu Hye Sun's legal representative released a statement and refuted claims that mediation in terms of termination of the contract came to an end after court-ordered Gu Hye Sun to pay damages. Her representatives said it is not true.

They further said that HB Entertainment had previously filed a counter case demanding approximately 330 million KRW, in damages. But the court refused to accept this and asked Gu Hye Sun to pay a small fee in damages amounting to 35 million KRW. According to the latest information, actress's legal representatives are preparing to file an appeal against HB Entertainment.