Couple's Sex Act Streamed Live Through Monte Carlo Racer's Dashcam On the Opening Day

The Monte Carlo Rally got all spiced up after a couple was caught having roadside sex on the racetrack. The randy couple was caught live in the act on the driver's dashcam.

Monte Carlo

Couple Had Onlookers With Them

The incident happened on the opening day of the rally on Thursday. The racetrack passes through French Riviera in Monaco and South east France. The act was live streamed through the dashcam of Greek racer Jourdan Serderidis who was zooming down the road when his car's headlights caught the couple in the act.

The barely 4-second footage shows a woman with naked bottom as a partially naked man stands behind her. A man wearing a blue hoodie was also seen standing very close to the couple. The randy couple appear to be unbothered by their spectacle being live streamed globally.

Sharing, the video on Twitter, Sacha Nokovitch , a journalist, wrote "A couple frolicking, caught in the headlights of a car (and by the camera) in the middle of the Monte-Carlo rally."

Social Media Reacts

The now infamous Monte Carlo couple has not been identified. The recent act led to a lot of reactions on social media. "Yes, this happened in the middle of the Monte Carlo Rally live," tweeted a user while sharing the screen grab of the couple.

"That's one way to increase WRC viewership," wrote a user as another added "NO WAY. Imagine flying down during a race and seeing that!"

"The spectators are doing their best to keep warm along the side," joked a user.

Even though it was for the first time that a couple was caught having sex during the ongoing four-day racing extravaganza, this is not the first time a couple has been caught engaged in a sexual act in the middle of a sporting event.

In August last year, a couple was caught having sex during a baseball match between Oakland Athletics and Seattle Mariners.

In another incident a couple was removed from the stadium after they were caught fooling around during an ongoing match between Toronto Blue Jays and Chicago Cubs. Another couple was caught having sex on the location of 'King's Landing' from HBO series "Game of Thrones."