Biden Gets Snubbed By Kamala Harris After She Refuses to Take a Knee During Photo Op; President Mispronounces Her Name

US President Joe Biden was caught in an awkward moment when his Vice President Kamala Harris refused outright to follow him to take a knee during a photo session. Biden was seen mispronouncing the name of US Vice President during the White House event.


Biden Mispronounced Harris' Name

Biden was addressing a gathering during a White House celebration for the NBA champion Golden State Warriors. According to New York Post while speaking about the measures being taken in the wake of massive destruction in California, Biden mispronounced Kamala's name as "CAM-a-la" rather than the proper "COMMA-la."

"As Kamala said, we're all closely monitoring the storms, the floods, the landslides all across California," Biden is heard saying in the viral clip.

It may be recalled that in 2016, during Harris's Senate campaign, she tweeted a video featuring children with the correct way to pronounce her name "It's not CAM-EL-UH. It's not KUH-MAHL-UH. It's not KARMEL-UH."

Later, Harris was seen refusing to follow Biden's instructions. During the group photo ceremony, Biden and Harris are seen discussing something seconds before Biden bends down on one knee and asks Harris to join him. "I'm not doing that," Harris is seen responding loud and clear. Even coach Steve Kerr is seen saying, "No," while shaking his right hand to wave Biden off.

Social Media Reacts

Coach Kerr thanked Biden and Harris to celebrate their championship win. "On behalf of the Warriors, I want to thank President Biden and Vice President Harris for the invitation to come to the White House today to celebrate our championship from a year ago," Kerr said. "It's a great reminder of how lucky we are to be Americans, to live in a country where we can chase our dreams and enjoy the fruits of our labor and the celebration of all those around us."

Meanwhile, Biden's action invited a lot of reactions from the social Media users. "Of course your not seeing the " big picture " to busy getting your daily dig on Trump ...The leader of the " Free World " should NEVER drop to his knees ( even for a fun photo ). This is ONE of the many reasons Biden has zero respect from other foreign leaders... smh" tweeted a user.

"Damn right where Biden belongs. On his f**kin knees, compared to the warriors. Good job knowing ur place," wrote another user.