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Out of all the Marvel Cinematic Universe characters, the Incredible Hulk is the only one who seems to suffer when it comes to solo outings. It is known that Edward Norton was replaced as Bruce Banner by Mark Ruffalo in subsequent films and William Hurt's Thunderbolt Ross is the only character to make a return since. However, reportedly the film may have featured a cameo that ties it to Spider-Man: Homecoming.

Now, this might be a stretch but this is what Screen Rant has come up with:

Spider-man: Far From Home
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During a brief scene in The Incredible Hulk, Bruce has to sneak around Culver University in order to download Betty Ross' research on gamma radiation. But, since Banner is a wanted man by the government, he has to get creative with his entry and poses as a pizza delivery man. He uses this to get past the security guard (played by the original Hulk Lou Ferrigno) and then gives a leftover one to the person in charge of the computer lab.

This "Computer Nerd", as he's credited, in The Incredible Hulk is played by Martin Starr. It was such a small role at the time that when casting for Spider-Man: Homecoming began, Marvel Studios and Sony brought Starr in to play one of Peter Parker's teachers Mr. Harrington. His inclusion in both films has never been addressed by Marvel or its canon, but is it possible Starr's two roles are actually as the same character? Could be, but it seems highly unlikely. For all, we know the "Computer Nerd" could have gone on to "Silicon Valley" and made a ton of money with apps. But as it goes with the MCU, nothing can be discounted. But we have to say, if Mr. Roger Harrington goes on to become a spidey villain or a Hulk villain, we hope there is a team-up of the two Avengers. Now that would be epic. As things stand, Spider-man: Far From Home has left fans on tenterhooks. So, if Hulk were to appear in Far From Home, it would sure be a relief because fans are still uneasy about the fate of the original Avengers.