Did 'Avengers: Infinity War' sequel reveal Thanos' biggest threat?

Avengers Infinity War
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Avengers: Infinity War had witnessed Thanos snap his Infinity Stones-studded fingers and disappear half the universe. However, Thanos left behind a few Avengers (core Avengers to be precise) among those who could be his biggest threat in the upcoming Avengers movie.

By the end of Infinity War, fans had found out that Captain America, Thor, Hulk, Black Widow and Iron Man survived. With the Ant-Man and the Wasp post-credits scene, it is evident that Ant-Man also survives.

While we are yet to find out how it all comes together, it looks like the Avengers 4 directors and screenwriters may have teased us about the superhero who will play the crucial role in the much-awaited movie.

The directors' and writers' comments from the Infinity War home entertainment packages have given us some interesting insights from the summer blockbuster. However, there was one insight that they shared which hints that Iron Man will put up a great fight against Thanos in Avengers 4.

The Russo Brothers explained that Iron Man is on par with Thanos on several aspects. The screenwriters Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely had also agreed on it and shared more insights.

"The journey that Tony's been on as a genius scientist is that the evolution of his armour. This is the best it's ever gonna get for Tony and its nanotech. He goes to the cutting edge of what his mind can deliver, and it still is not enough to beat Thanos. In fact, it barely keeps him in the fight," director Joe Russo said.

"You realize this interesting parallel between Thanos and Tony. They're both aware of something from an early point and constantly having to deal with being smarter. Thanos is a futurist as much as Tony Stark," Markus adds. Both the superheroes have ideas about building a better future, however, their means are quite different.

Markus further shares, "He (Thanos) is aware of Stark from the original Battle of New York as the person who undid the plan. It's interesting because, as Thanos moves forward from this moment, once he disposes of his armour, he almost becomes a holy warrior where he doesn't spend a lot of his energy intentionally trying to murder people unless they are, in some way, a threat to his agenda. Almost no one ends up being a threat to the agenda except for Tony, who I think he feels has a sort of existential connection to Thanos."

While Iron Man did put up a good fight against Thanos in Infinity War, there is a possibility that it isn't over with that. This could be one of the reasons why Doctor Strange sacrificed himself to keep Tony alive. He might have a bigger role in the fight against the Mad Titan in Avengers 4.

Marcus' "existential connection" statement could also mean that maybe Iron Man dies because Thanos will die. Fans will know about this only on May 3, 2019, with the release of Avengers 4.