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The superhero of Marvel Comics Captain America have always been loved by the viewers for his daunting courage to fight against evil but it is disheartening for the fans to know that Marvel decided that Captain America will turn out to be a Hydra agent and that his whole career is controversial.

Captain America fans are hoping that he will soon redeem as his character stood for everything American since the time of its inception - be it fighting the Nazis in the 40s or smashing the communists in the 50s. And, now if he is said to be tied to Hydra all this time it will be a real blow to all Marvel fans. According to Nerdist, they have made their displeasure known to Marvel Comics.

It is hard for the fans to accept that he who socked Hitler in the jaw is a Hydra agent. It could also be a trick or like a dream where viewers thought Bobby Ewing is to die on Dallas but was alive again once his wife woke up.

However, according to Polygon, the man behind the huge change -writer Nick Spencer isn't planning to change the direction any time soon.

In fact, Marvel reportedly seems to be laying out a long-term plot and Captain America will be playing all the wicked moves.

Inquisitr noted that the comics are desperate to make sales and therefore these types of changes are mainly done for the shock value. So, even if such a change happens it can be expected that at some point in the near future Captain America will be back to his real self.