This touching video of old Chinese couple is a must-watch this Valentine's Day
This touching video of old Chinese couple is a must-watch this Valentine's Day People's Daily/Twitter

Ever since the 2019 coronavirus outbreak, the internet is flooded with heartbreaking news, photos and videos showing the condition of people suffering all over the world. While some have narrated stories of panic and mass hysteria, now, a heart-warming video of an old couple has started doing the rounds on social media.

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In the 18-second clip, an 87-year-old old man, holding an infusion bottle, is seen feeding his ailing wife, who has also been diagnosed with coronavirus. The old man, who is also a COVID 19 patient, came to give her food and water from the ward next door.

"I'll love you forever, every single day of forever: An 87-yr-old man diagnosed with #COVID19 held an infusion bottle to visit his wife, also a #COVID19 patient, from the ward next door and patiently gave her water and food. Hope you recover soon! (sic)," tweeted the People's Daily, in China on February 12, 2020.

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The heartfelt moments shared by the couple have left many netizens teary-eyed. "No virus is strong enough to stop loved ones being taken care by their near ones," commented a social media user, in response to the post. Recognising the couple's true love, many have even wished a speedy recovery for them both. So far, the touching video has garnered the attention of over 118k viewers, with nearly 3,000 users liking it on Twitter alone.

This is definitely the best video that one should watch on this Valentine's Day to show the world what true love is!

Watch the touching video below: