China coronavirus: Woman allegedly kills 2 over a bottle of antiseptic [VIDEOS]

The videos taken from the crime spot have been doing the rounds on social media.

Chinese woman allegedly kills 2 in supermarket
The screenshot of the Chinese woman who allegedly killed 2 people in a supermarket in China. Twitter

The novel coronavirus has claimed the lives of many people, and at the same time, it has also become a reason for human beings to exhibit their selfish and creepy behaviour. The latest shocker from China is a video that claims a woman killed two fellow shoppers at a Chinese supermarket after a fight over a bottle of antiseptic.

In the clip that is doing the rounds on social media, a Chinese woman is said to have killed two people, including a 12-year-old girl in a supermarket over a bottle of antiseptic, which has been in great demand after the coronavirus epidemic broke out. It is understood that the crime was committed out of desperation to get the last bottle of the antiseptic left at the store.

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A verified Twitter user named Wu Lebao shared the videos of the woman and the victims and added that the alleged murderer has been arrested. In one of the videos, family members of the victims are also seen screaming at the crime spot.

As of now, it is uncertain as to when and where this incident exactly occurred. "The anarchy has started, its just the matter of time people in masses start loosing their minds and start taking out the frustration on other humans. #coronavirus (sic)," commented a Twitterati.

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Of late, several videos have surfaced online, telling stories of panic and mass hysteria as the spread of the deadly virus went on unabated. A video shot in a Wuhan supermarket a few weeks ago showed dozens of anxious locals scampering to buy food and in the confusion, a few even end up getting into physical fights. Another video from Wuhan showed desperate Chinese locals offering money through the downed shutter of a store begging for rice bags from the storekeepers.

Coronavirus death toll update

As per the latest updates, the deadly coronavirus death toll has reached 1,115 with 97 additional fatalities reported. Meanwhile, the confirmed coronavirus cases in China itself is around 44,653, as per the National Health Commission.

On Sunday, China's Finance Ministry said that it has spent a total of 31.6 billion yuan ($4.52 billion) to fight the coronavirus outbreak. An additional fund of 71.85 billion yuan ($10.26 billion) has been allocated at all government levels in order to fight the virus.

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