Coronavirus: From singing hymns to making idols wear face masks, STRANGE visuals from India

Though there exists no medicines or vaccines, a few Indians are offering these weird solutions to fight against the novel coronavirus.

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The governments, health officials and medics all over the globe are working day and night to help people recover from the deadly coronavirus infection. While scientists are trying to develop medicines and vaccines to fight against COVID-19, many others struggle to keep the virus at bay so that more and more people do not get infected.

However, some strange practices observed in India to fight against the deadly virus have caught the attention of netizens. After burning an effigy of coronavirus demon - called 'coronasur' during the Holi celebrations in Mumbai, India on Monday, March 9, 2020, another bizarre video of a group of women singing a folk song called 'Corona bhaag jao' (Corona go away) in a bhajan style has now surfaced online.

Indian women sing 'Corona bhag jao' bhajan
Indian women sing 'Corona bhag jao' bhajan requesting the coronavirus to leave India. Twitter

In the 4-minute, 4-seconds clip, which is widely shared on Whatsapp, many women in traditional Indian outfits, are seen singing a song as if they are requesting the virus to leave India. The video is believed to have been recorded from Burhanpur in the Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. The video has gone viral with some netizens finding it "really a creative way" to get rid of the virus.

"Corona Bhag Ja' bhajan? The sheer stupidity of savarna practices #HindiRashtra is taking India back by a whole century. We now use baba's, bhajans and cow excreta to kill a superbug. Let's bring the snake charmers and pet elephants out as well (sic)," commented a netizen.

However, not just women, even a group of men were also spotted singing 'Corona Bhaag jao' song recently during the Holi celebrations at MG Marg, Gangtok in the city of Sikkim.

When idols have to wear face masks!

However, it looks like this is not the end of weird practices observed in India ever since the start of the coronavirus outbreak. Recently, face masks were spotted on the idols of the deities at Prahladeshwar temple in Varanasi, India, in order to protect them from coronavirus. The priest at the temple had also requested the devotees not to touch the idols so that "they don't get virus infection". The photos of a Shiva linga from the temple with a face mask had gone viral on social media in no time.

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