Coronavirus: Samsung will sanitize your phone for free at its service centres

You can also bring in non-Samsung branded devices and avail the Galaxy Sanitizing Service at any Samsung owned service centre for free

In the wake of ongoing COVID 19 coronavirus outbreak, Samsung, the world's largest smartphone vendor has announced a 'Galaxy Sanitizing Service' for customers who wish to sanitize their smartphones, tablets, and smartwatches.

The Galaxy Sanitizing Service is available at all Samsung-owned service centres in 19 countries around the world and uses UV-C light, which cleans your device without using any harsh chemicals, and without damaging your device. What's more, the service is absolutely free of charge.

Safe and secure

Samsung has done careful testing to make sure the UV-C light sanitization process they use at the Samsung Service Centers do not affect your phone's performance, so it's completely safe too.

The Galaxy Sanitizing Service is available at all Samsung Service Centres in the following countries: Argentina, Chile, Croatia, Denmark, Finland, Japan, Republic of Korea, Malaysia, New Zealand, Norway, Pakistan, Peru, Poland, Russia, Spain, Sweden, United States, Ukraine and Vietnam.

Samsung logo as seen during Galaxy Note 8 consumer launch event in Jakarta, Indonesia September 29, 2017 Beawiharta/Reuters

Non-Samsung devices will be cleaned for free too

Apart from being absolutely free of charge, Samsung has been generous enough to extend the sanitization service to non-Samsung branded devices as well. So, you can also bring in your non-Samsung phones, tablets and smartwatches too and the service center staff will still sanitize it for free.

The process takes roughly 30 seconds for mobile phones, and can take up to three minutes for tablets and smartwatches. Meanwhile, the sanitizing service for tablets and smartwatches is only available at certain service centres, which have the required equipment. We guess this is due to their size and dimensions which requires different sanitizing machines. Nonetheless, you can always check the availability by visiting your local Samsung website.

Why should you seriously consider cleaning your smartphone?

The mobile phone is one of the most used items in our daily lives, which also makes it among the dirtiest items that we own. Many health advisories suggest cleaning mobile phones regularly as a precautionary measure to control the spread of the virus, and although you can clean your phone at home using a mix of water + alcohol, nothing cleans better than UV light which kills almost 99.9 percent of the bacteria on your phone.

So, if you happen to be resident of any of the aforementioned countries, you might consider availing the free phone sanitizing services the next time you're at a Samsung Service Center.

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