Apple updates its News app with dedicated coronavirus section

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The ongoing coronavirus outbreak has been declared a pandemic by the WHO (World Health Organization). Although the COVID-19 outbreak began in China, it has been spreading across the world over the last couple of months and the situation now is such that with each passing day, we get to hear or read about more cases of deaths and infections from all four corners of the world. In such a situation, you might want to keep yourself abreast of the latest news and updates, and Apple knows that.

Apple News gets dedicated 'coronavirus' section

If you use any Apple iDevice, you won't need to search 'coronavirus news' or 'coronavirus updates' on Safari as Apple has updated the free Apple News app on the iPhone, iPad and Mac with an entire section dedicated to just coronavirus coverage.

Apple News will now curate the most relevant and recent headlines regarding coronavirus from various trusted news sources from around the world and show it in the Apple News Spotlight. This will help people find all important headlines and information about the deadly outbreak in one place.

How to open coronavirus section on Apple News app

You can see the new coronavirus section by opening the Apple News app on your iPhone, iPad or Mac and tapping the button located on the top of the page that says 'Special Coverage: The most important information on COVID-19, all in one place.'

The coronavirus section consists of not only the recent headlines but the vertical also shows a collection of useful how-to articles that explain how you can safeguard yourself from infection, fox example, articles like how to wash your hands properly to avoid coronavirus and what cleaners are approved to kill the virus. The section also provides links to the CDC's recommended tips to deal with coronavirus, travel advisories and more.

More than just news

Just in case you want to keep track of the spread of the pandemic, there's an updated map of current active cases around the world that is provided by the Johns Hopkins University which you can refer to. That's not all, clicking on the link below the map will fetch the latest information on total confirmed cases, current death toll and number of people who have recovered from the disease.

Apple's is a great example of how major tech companies are trying to help provide important information in these crisis times to millions of users worldwide, using the power and reach of their products and services.

Google search and coronavirus

Meanwhile, Google also recently upgraded Google search to include an SOS Alert and show safety tips, overviews and Q&As from local ministries of health and WHO when searching the term 'coronavirus'. The search engine also banned ads that promoted medical face masks because most of them were spreading rumors about coronavirus.

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