Coronavirus relief: Blood thinners may act as lifesavers in severe COVID-19 cases

Coronavirus has already killed more than 2,65,600 people, and the number of infected cases has risen to 3.8 million

Medical experts have previously revealed that the formation of micro blood clots is quite common among coronavirus patients, which could sometimes even turn fatal for the victims. Now, a new study conducted by a team of researchers at Mount Saint Hospital, New York, has suggested that the usage of blood thinners could help coronavirus patients.

The study report which is now published in the Journal of the American College of Cardiology reveals that blood-thinning drugs could help to prevent the onset of new clots on the patient's body, and it could also fight oxygen deprivation in the blood.

How blood thinners help coronavirus patients?

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Researchers who took part in the study also claimed that the use of anticoagulants is capable of reducing the mortality rates by 50 percent among coronavirus patients. Interestingly, the use of blood-thinning agents increased the survival rate by 130 percent among intubated patients.

Medical experts made this conclusion after analyzing more than 2,700 COVID-19 patients admitted to Mount Sinai hospital.

"Clinically, we were seeing a lot of blood clots in patients. A lot of clinicians used anticoagulants as treatment so we wanted to see if they provided a benefit or not. The magnitude of the effect was frankly quite surprising. Anecdotally and from small studies in China, we've known anticoagulants could help, but this benefit was quite surprising," Dr Girish Nadkarni, an assistant professor of medicine and nephrology at Mount Sinai told Daily Mail.

Coronavirus death toll in the United States

As per medical experts, coronavirus was originated from a Wuhan seafood market, and from there, it has now spread to all nooks of the world. The latest statistics reveal that more than 265,600 people have died due to COVID-19 infection worldwide. The United States remains one of the worst affected countries due to the pandemic outbreak, and the nation is currently topping the chaos chart with more than 74.000 deaths, and 1.2 million confirmed coronavirus cases.

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