Several Americans believe coronavirus vaccine does exist but the government has kept it under wraps

44 percent of US citizens who took part in a poll believe that the coronavirus was created in a laboratory

US behind coronavirus outbreak
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The novel coronavirus that originated from a seafood market in Wuhan, China, has already killed more than 1,97,452 people worldwide, and the total number of infected people has risen to 2.8 million. The United States is one of the worst affected nations, and as of now, the pandemic has claimed the lives of more than 52,000 people in the country alone.

Is the US government involved in a sinister play?

In the meantime, a new poll conducted by the Democracy Fund and the UCLA Nationscape Project, in partnership with USA Today revealed that nearly a third of Americans who took part in the poll believe in the existence of a coronavirus vaccine. They argue that the vaccine is being withheld by the government for unknown reasons.

"To see about a third of people give that some level of, 'Yeah, that might be true,' that was pretty shocking to me. That's a pretty dark type of thought to be floating around the public," said Robert Griffin, the research director at the Democracy Fund Voter Study Group.

More than 150 coronavirus vaccines are currently in various stages of testing, and medical experts believe that an effective vaccine will be ready only in 12 to 18 months.

Interestingly, 44 percent of Americans who took part in the poll believe that the coronavirus was created in a laboratory. As many as 48 percent believe that the US government is hiding the real numbers of COVID-19 deaths.

Is coronavirus unconstitutional?

In the meantime, a section of far-right politicians in the US has claimed that the coronavirus lockdown measures in the country are unconstitutional. According to them, the government may eventually use the lockdown to curb civil liberties.

Republican Matt Shea, co-founder of the Coalition of Western States, a federation of politicians who are suspicious of big government, argues that quarantine should be imposed only for sick people, and it will be unconstitutional if the government forces it on healthy citizens.

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