Despite rancor, Washington DC could remain closed until August as Coronavirus lurking around

Several Americans believe that coronavirus cases do exist, but the government has kept them under wraps

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The novel coronavirus which is currently in its deadly killing spree has already claimed the lives of more than 234,133 people worldwide. The United States is now topping the coronavirus chaos chart with more than one million positive cases and 63,000 deaths. In the meantime, fresh reports from the country suggest that Washington DC, the capital of the United States could be closed until August.

Authorities to embrace the most stringent plan?

On Wednesday, DC leaders laid out a new timetable to determine when the city could be opened after the lockdown. During this hour-long virtual meeting, Dr LaQuandra Nesbitt, director of the DC Department of Health revealed the most stringent and less stringent plans that can be embraced to open the city.

In the worst-case scenario, authorities will be compelled to use the most stringent plan, and if it happens, the city will be closed until August. The least stringent plan will be implemented in the best-case scenario, and even if it happens, the city will be closed until July.

Right now, the decision of authorities in Washington DC is to stay home until May 15. However, considering the current trend, the authorities may extend this timeline to the coming months too.

Anti-constitutional row gains strength

In the meantime, a section of far-right politicians in the country has started claiming that strict lockdown measures adopted in several states are anti-constitutional and are aimed at limiting the civil liberties of the general public.

Republican Matt Shea, co-founder of the Coalition of Western States, a federation of politicians who are suspicious of big government had recently claimed that coronavirus quarantine should be imposed only on sick people, and it will be unconstitutional if the government imposes it on healthy people. Shea also argued that this lockdown could slowly result in the prevalence of martial law in the United States.

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