Coronavirus: Doctors baffled as patients look fine one minute and at death's door the next

Doctors are shocked at the speed of deaths due to coronavirus as patients look fine one minute and the next minute they're at death's door

Coronavirus is wreaking havoc across the world as the United States, Italy, Spain, France and the United Kingdom are seeing sharp spikes in the number of deaths and other countries are not far behind either. New York, is the hardest-hit state in America and doctors, nurses and medical staff have expressed their shock at the speed with which patients were dying in the hospitals.

Doctors and nurses revealed that they're baffled to see patients appearing good and fine one minute and just a few minutes later, they seem to be at death's door. Diana Torres, a nurse at Mount Sinai Hospital in New York City said that patients ''look fine, feel fine, then you turn around and they're unresponsive. I'm paranoid, scared to walk out of their room." She stated that the virus doesn't just affect the elderly or patients with underlying health conditions, ''it can happen for the young and healthy, too,'' she said to Business Today.

Every number is a face, says New York Governor Andrew Cuomo


The Governor of New York, Andrew Cuomo ordered the American flags to be flown at half-staff across the state in recognition of the people who lost their lives to the deadly virus and revealed that the health department is doing everything they can to save lives. He stated that protecting vulnerable people is the state's top priority and every number is a face.

"Every number is a face, " said New York Governor Andrew Cuomo, and continued, "This virus attacked the vulnerable and attacked the weak and it's our job as a society to protect the vulnerable." Cuomo said 779 people died in the past day in his state and despite the grim tally, he believes the overall trends still appear to be positive, as he cited a drop in new hospitalizations and other data points as evidence that New York was "bending the curve" and gaining control over the infection rate.

Cuomo also stated that the death count would continue at the current level or increase in the coming days as many critically ill patients, who have been hospitalized for more than a week or on ventilator machines who need assistance in breathing, might lose their lives to the virus. As of April 10, the United States has recorded 468,895 positive cases in which 16,697 people have died.

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