British teacher living in Wuhan with family claims China handled the Coronavirus pandemic well

British teacher Chris Hill stayed in Wuhan after the coronavirus pandemic broke out and is glad about his decision

A British teacher living in Wuhan named Chris Hill arrived in China a few years ago with his family as a foreign language teacher and stays with his wife and four-year-old daughter just 10 minutes away from the wet market which is probably the epicentre of the global pandemic Coronavirus that began in November 2019.

Chris, says that he's glad to have stayed back in Wuhan after the coronavirus broke out and didn't head back to the United Kingdom with his family in fear, and claimed that the Chinese government handled the pandemic and lockdown really well and the UK is struggling to keep things in place. He revealed that in January he had the opportunity to catch an international flight back home which was arranged by Britain and now says that he's glad about his decision to have remained in Wuhan.

Wuhan had a lockdown of 3 months but UK might have it for 7 months

Chris Hill
Facebook / Chris Hill

Chris stressed on the fact that Wuhan's lockdown was opened after three months despite being the epicentre of the pandemic and stated that the UK might be headed for a seven months-long lockdown as they're unable to handle the situation. He said, ''Wuhan has been under lockdown for around two-and-a-half months. If I was in England, I would just be going into lockdown, five, six, seven months in total. I'd take the three months over seven any day.''

He further continued, ''People who do live in Wuhan that were outside of the city when the lockdown took place, it allows them back in. But the restrictions that I have of going out for two hours per day, those are still in place until the end of the month and then they're going to reassess.''

The teacher also revealed that he's in regular contact with his friends, neighbours and relatives back home in the UK and stated that they're all ''going crazy'' just two weeks into the UK's own restrictive measures amid the coronavirus crisis.

Having experienced living with a close to three months lockdown, he advised them all not to freak out and find a hobby to keep themselves busy. ''What you like doing as a hobby - do it as much as you can,'' and went ahead citing that drinking should be off the list. ''Well, not drinking. That's just stupid,'' he summed it up.

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