EXCLUSIVE: Musicians in Europe create innovative ideas to perform live amid Coronavirus crisis

Musicians in Europe are coming up with new and innovative ways to keep their fans entertained amid coronavirus crisis

The coronavirus pandemic has wreaked havoc to businesses around the world as musicians, comedians and freelancers are bearing the brunt, as their income has come to a screeching halt. A rock band from Switzerland named Back:N:Black, which is a tribute band to AC/DC got all its concerts cancelled, but that's not stopping the all-girl rock band from entertaining their fans as they've come up with an innovative idea to stay connected and relevant amid the coronavirus crisis.

The band announced they're all set to perform through a live stream video link that can be joined by fans, family and friends around the globe and the best of it all is that everyone is allowed to sing along and scream out through their microphones, making it an experience just like a concert, but still maintaining social distance.

B N Black ACDC Tribute Band BeatrixYoung
Facebook / Back:N:Black

Beatrix Young, the rhythm guitarist of Back:N:Black said exclusively to IBTimes Singapore, ''We have decided to use some of the outreach that we have to do a very special live stream event where our friends, family, and fans can sing along with the band. We are calling it HIGHWAY TO HEALTH, and it will last all weekend long. It's totally free, though we will also be trying to raise money during the event. Anyone is welcome to participate, and sing along with the band, chat, and show the world that they can keep us on lockdown, but they can't keep the rock down.''

Several other musicians have taken the online route

Jessie Scarlet Robinson
Facebook / Jessie Scarlet Robinson

Musicians in Europe are slowly taking the online route to entertain their fans and just recently, the lead singer of Scarlet, Jessie Robinson played a live solo gig on Facebook Live and received applause from fans who were bored while being quarantined at home.

''Thank you so much everyone that took time to come to watch me play online today - I had way too much fun raising money for grass roots music venues,'' she said.

Not everything is bright and beautiful for musicians

Queen of Noise
Facebook / Riccardo Lazzarini

Sandra Vitello, the keytarist of the all-girl rock band from Italy, Queens of Noise, revealed that things are gloomy in her country and not everyone has the ability to get things rolling by trying to put on a happy face online. She said exclusively to IBTimes Singapore, "I feel an infinite void. We have been in quarantine for two weeks and we can only go out for really necessary things like grocery shopping, medical visits and pharmacy stores.''

She revealed that not everyone in Italy is in the mood for an online concert and stated that she's thankful she's working online by teaching children and has a flow of income during these tough times. ''I work online and I teach kids from home. Many have organized themselves with smart working and many companies and factories are closed. Schools have also been closed for many days. People try to do their best,'' she summed it up.

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