Coronavirus: Dead Bodies Stuffed in Trash Bags, Placed Next to Patients in Brazil Hospital

It was reported earlier this month that authorities in Sao Paulo ordered digging up of graveyards to create more space.

Gruesome images emerging from the hospitals in Brazil have revealed the dead bodies of coronavirus patients being stuffed into trash bags and left next to the patients infected with the fatal virus. The death toll due to coronavirus in Brazil has crossed 50,000.

dead bodies

The global pandemic has infected 1.19 million people in Brazil, with the numbers increasing every day.

Containers to Store Dead Bodies Placed Outside Hospitals

A series of photographs highlighting the grim situation of hospitals in the South American country was released by CNN. One of the images showed large containers placed outside a hospital in Rio, which could stock up to 75 dead bodies.

According to The Sun, new footage from the Rio Nurses Union showed bodies stuffed into bin bags in hospital wards where other patients are recovering.

dead bodies
Containers placed outside the hospitals can store upto 75 dead bodies. CNN

Despite coronavirus claiming lives rapidly every day, the beaches in Rio de Janerio were thronged by the locals. Brazil's President Jair Bolsonaro, who called the virus a flu in March, has faced a lot of criticism for the manner in which his government mishandled the crisis.

Not only is Bolsonaro often spotted without a mask, he has also pushed for using chloroquine and anti-malarial drug hydroxychloroquine as a possible cure for COVID-19. A federal judge has now ordered Brazilian President Bolsonaro to wear a face mask in public.

Bodies Exhumed to Make Space for New

Earlier in June, in the wake of the rising number of deaths, Sao Paulo started to dig up graveyards to create more space. According to Fox News, Sao Paulo's municipal funeral service said the remains of people who died at least three years ago will be exhumed and put in numbered bags, then stored temporarily in containers that will be delivered to other cemeteries within 15 days.

Stating that the health system in Brazil needs support, Dr Michael Ryan, the World Health Organisation's emergencies chief, said: "Overall the health system is still coping in Brazil, although, having said that, with the sustained number of severe cases that remains to be seen."

"Clearly the health system in Brazil across the country needs significant support in order to sustain its effort in this regard. But the data we have at the moment supports a system under pressure, but a system still coping with the number of severe cases," he went on to add.

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