Convict on parole kills mother leaving terrified children to fend for themselves

Convict was on parole for murder charges after serving 16 years in prison

Paroled killer accused of killing a mother surrendered to the police on Tuesday at 2 PM after his picture obtained from a surveillance camera was released a few days ago. A young boy and his sister were left terrified and alone in their E 187th St near Bathgate Avenue apartment in Belmont after their mother was killed by the convict in their home in October this year.

The children were asleep in another room when the incident took place. According to the officials, the man has a history of attacking women. Asun Thomas (46), surrendered to the police a day after his image was released. He is accused of strangling the mother Luz Perez in October. The woman who was badly bruised was found dead in her apartment on 13 October after her son cried for help through their first-floor window. Perez's death was declared a homicide by the police on Sunday.

Young boy squeezed through the security bars

Bathgate Ave., Bronx, NY
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The boy and his sister were stuck in the apartment while their mother lay dead in the room next door. The mother suffered head and body trauma and was pronounced dead at the scene. The initial conclusion was that Perez was stabbed with a screwdriver but later the police came to the conclusion that the mother was killed through strangulation.

The little boy had contacted the police soon after his mother's death but was unable to give an address. The siblings were stuck inside the apartment for nearly 27 hours before help arrived. They ate peanut butter sandwiches before trying to find help.

Boy squeezed through security bars on window to scream for help

The young boy squeezed through the security bars on their window to scream for help. A passerby reported the incident to the police. The officers forced their way into the house and rescued the children and procured the body for investigation. Neither child was harmed when Thomas was there in the apartment.

The police asked for the public's help in identifying the man who killed Perez through security footage and Thomas. The man was identified as a 6 ft tall person with a black do-rag and dark green, waist-length jacket which had multiple patches on it. Later, Thomas was arrested for murder charges in the death of Luz Perez.

Perez was under protection from her husband who had burned her eye just a few weeks ago. Thomas was previously arrested for murder charges and was released on parole in 2016 after completing 16 years of the 20 years of charges.