Woman from Ohio kills father who was a US Army veteran to inherit property

'Skip', the 69-year-old officer was a friendly gentleman

Christmas cheer didn't reach retired Cincinnati cop's home this year after he was found stabbed six times in his basement. The sick plot behind the death revolved around his 49-year-old daughter and her scheme to move into the house after her father's death. According to the affidavit, his body was found in the basement on Friday after the police received a wellness check call.

The 69-year-old, James Lee Dunlap, was a US Army veteran who joined the service during the Vietnam War and retired as an officer from the Cincinnati Police Department in 2002. He earned his police badge in February of 1975. Dunlap served the community and the country for 29 years before he left the service as a person who was remembered for his kind and easy-going personality.

11000 Raphael Place, Cincinnati
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Sickening action by his daughter

As her father's body lay in the basement of 11000 Raphael Place, Liscia D Willis started to move into the home. Dunlap, who was called 'Skip' by people close to him, was staying alone as his wife was away from town when the incident occurred his wife. Officers who worked with Skip said they were dumbfounded by the incident.

Willis is being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center with a bond of $1 million after her arraignment on Monday. The authorities said that she planned on taking over the mortgage from Skip after his death.

Her attorney requested the court to reduce the bond stating that she has no previous history of any mental illness or a criminal record. Clyde Bennett, the attorney also told the media that the possibility of Willis committing the crime is less because she couldn't have woken up one day and killed her father. Willis will be facing an aggravated murder charge.

Woman murdered
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Officers said he was a friendly gentleman

Praises and fond memories were shared by Skips's brothers in the uniform. They remembered him as a kind and easy-going person, who was welcoming to the new officers and to the seniors alike. Sgt Dan Hils pressed on the circumstances under which Skip had passed away. He said that the these incidents happening so close to the holidays was saddening and the affect on the family would be heavy.