Brother kills pregnant sister in Texas; calls her a shame to the family

The probable cause affidavit mentioned that Eduardo Arevalo admitted to killing the 23-year-old by strangling her

The brother of a missing 23-year-old pregnant woman admitted to killing her on December 16 in their 5200 block of Runyon Drive in Texas, USA, as stated by authorities on Monday. The 19-year-old brother said that she was a shame to the family. He has been charged with capital murder for killing his sister who was eight months pregnant and tampering with the evidence.

The probable cause affidavit mentioned that Eduardo Arevalo admitted to killing the 23-year-old by strangling her. Detectives from The Colony, Texas, arrested Eduardo for killing Viridiana Arevalo after he confessed his crimes. The evidence collected from the scene where her body was found on Sunday morning and the evidence recovered from her home, placed Eduardo as the prime suspect in the case.

I murdered her, I murdered her: Eduardo

The Colony, TX
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Viridiana Arevalo was strangled by her brother after the two were involved in a fight the same day. Eduardo returned home that morning and told the authorities that he needed to kill his sister. The family was having a conflict because of Viridiana's unstable state. A family member said that the last time they met her she was talking about harming herself.

According to some of her close relatives, she had been depressed but was slowly recovering. The 23-year-old was reported missing from her home along with a suicide note on December 17. The police were alerted because of the state that Viridiana was in. They expected her to be in grave danger.

How did Eduardo murder his sister?


The officers were called to 5200 block of Strickland Avenue where her body was found. Video evidence collected from the location pointed fingers at Eduardo who later admitted committing the crime. He was charged with capital murder and was kept at The Colony Jail. The affidavit said that after a fight with his sister, Eduardo went to his room and thought to himself that it was time to kill her.

The victim was sitting on the couch when the suspect approached her from behind. The suspect strangled his sister from behind until she stopped breathing. He later wrapped duct tape around her head to make sure she wouldn't come back to life. The 19-year-old then took the body to a grassy field in Fannin County which was 40 miles away from their home. He later shifted the body close by so that the family would be able to find her.

In an interview, Eduardo admitted to the murder by saying that he murdered her. He said that he wanted to protect the family and the baby from his sister.

Eduardo's brother believe that he wouldn't do that

Even after the alleged confession, their brother Diego Arevalo believes that his younger brother didn't commit the crime. He told KTVT-TV (Channel 11) that the family was devastated by the news. He also said that his younger sister was looking forward to having the baby girl. Presently, Eduardo is being held for a bail of $1,050,000.