Controversial Fox News host singles out US Govt for hiding info on alien spaceship wreckage

As the claims of Carlson went viral, conspiracy theorists have started arguing that the US government is covering up facts about aliens for sinister motives

Tucker Carlson, the controversial Fox News host has been known for propagating seemingly unbelievable conspiracy theories, while appearing in History Channel's 'Ancient Aliens' last week, claimed that a whistleblower has informed him about an intentional coverup on the part of the government regarding extraterrestrial existence.

US government hiding alien spaceship wreckage?

Carlson made these remarks while talking with journalist Nick Pope on the November 22 episode of Ancient Aliens. As per Carlson, a US government insider has revealed to him that the government has been hiding evidence of alien spaceship landing on the earth.

"I have heard this from someone who I think is knowledgeable on the subject that there is physical evidence that the U.S. government is holding...(information) about what these objects are. The person who told me is someone who worked on this within the government for some years and who would know," said Carlson.

The revelation of Tucker was later shared on Twitter, where it garnered more than 200,000 views. As the remarks of Tucker went viral online, alien enthusiasts started arguing that extraterrestrial existence is a reality, and Pentagon and NASA are involved in a cover up.

Are aliens real?

Space agencies all across the world have been searching for extraterrestrial aliens from deep space for years, but until now, no concrete evidence has been found yet. However, a section of people believes that an alien disclosure is imminent citing the recent statement of NASA chief scientist Jim Green.


A few months back, Jim Green predicted that alien life will be discovered on Mars by 2021. The NASA scientist also added that modern humans are not prepared enough to accept the realities surrounding the existence of extraterrestrials.

However, Elon Musk, the founder of SpaceX has a different point of view. Musk believes that humans are the only conscious beings in the universe, and we should use this potential to emerge as a multi-planetary species.

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