Constant sex kills Coronavirus? Here's the truth behind the viral CNN screenshot

The screenshot has gone viral on social media with many sharing extensively on Whatsapp and Facebook

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Ever since the outbreak of the novel coronavirus, the internet has been flooded with multiple fake and bizarre news and some of them even look so believable making it difficult for people to figure out what's true and what's not. However, the latest one shared with the screenshot of the popular news channel CNN is undoubtedly the dumbest among all the fake claims seen so far.

"Constant sex kills coronavirus" is the recent interesting piece of information that has surfaced online. To make it more believable, some miscreants have even shared it online as if it was aired on the CNN news channel with the image of the US journalist Wolf Blitzer and the channel's logo. It has gone viral on multiple social media platforms and is been widely shared on Facebook and Whatsapp for quite some time now.

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Fake CNN screenshot says constant sex kills coronavirus
Fake CNN screenshot says "constant sex kills coronavirus" Twitter

Evidence to prove it's fake!

It has to be noted that the above-said solution to kill coronavirus cannot be found anywhere on the CNN website as it has not been reported by them. Also, just by looking at the font used to share the bizarre idea, it is evident that it doesn't match with the other texts or the normal font style followed by the channel.

Screenshot shows CNN's normal text font
This screenshot shows the normal text font used by CNN channel CNN

Meanwhile, it is also understood that it isn't the first time this same CNN frame has been used to spread fake news. Earlier, it was used to spread the fake claim "Alcohol kills coronavirus" as well.

The truth!

In an attempt to control the spreading of coronavirus, the World Health Organisation (WHO) and other health officials have requested the public to avoid close contact with sick people. While they have advised not to give handshakes or kiss anyone, don't you think, now sex will be more of a risk factor than a cure? There is no doubt that close contact with an infected person will definitely expose the partner to the disease. Therefore, it is clear that "constant sex WILL NOT kill the deadly coronavirus".

This article was first published on March 12, 2020
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