Conspiracy theorists allege celebrities with black mark on their left eye are all part of Illuminati,


Conspiracy theories surrounding Illuminati have long been rounding the internet, and now, a section of conspiracy theorists has sensationally claimed that many noted celebrities all across the globe are part of this secret society. As per these theorists, celebrities with a black mark on their left eye are part of this elite group, and they are indirectly controlling the governments all across the globe.

Conspiracy theorists reveal that several popular celebrities including former United States President George W Bush, Pope Francis, and Robert Downey Jr had many times appeared before the public with a scar under their left eyes. As per conspiracy theorists, the scar inflicted on the left eye of these personalities are the part of a cult or 'Illuminati' high-level initiation ritual which is expected to make the person more powerful.

Sherry Shriner, author of the book 'Interview with the Devil' had previously claimed that there is a hidden link between these black eyes and soul scalping. As per Shriner, many influential people all around the world have already sold their souls to Satanic entities.

As per Shriner, the scar on the left eye of these people indicate that the Illuminati has purchased the complete control of these politicians and celebrities using the technique of 'soul scalping'.

Shriner who died earlier this year believed that the human souls of these personalities have been now replaced by Satanic souls, and they are now working to fulfill the ambitions of Antichrist.

Earlier, conspiracy theorists have alleged the members of Illuminati are trying to create a new world order in the planet which will be ruled by a single government. As per these theorists, a secret project named 'Project Blue Beam' is going to be implemented soon in the world. Some of the predicted happenings which could happen during 'Project Blue Beam' includes a staged second coming of Jesus Christ using hologram technology and a staged alien invasion.

This article was first published on July 23, 2018