Eerie eye appears in the skies of Holland; Proof of weather control or Illuminati?

Eye in the sky
Eye in the sky, videograb/Youtube Youtube

A conspiracy theory channel named 'MrMBB333' released a video featuring an eye-like structure in the skies of Holland that has gone viral registering more than 37,000 views in three days.

In the video, the narrator of 'MrMBB333' revealed that the photo was sent to him by one of his friends named Jasper from the Netherlands. The cloud formation seems pretty eerie, and it literally resembles a human eye in the skies monitoring our planet.

In the same video, the conspiracy theory channel released the footage of dual sunsets which happened in the Netherlands, apparently shot by Jasper himself. In the footage, we can see the sun setting in the west, and at the same time, another bright object is seen in the east too.

As the video went viral, viewers started coming out with various theories explaining the eerie phenomenon.

Some users stated that the eye in the skies is an indication of Illuminati's presence in the world. Illuminati is a fictitious group which is controlling all the governments on the planet, and are trying to establish the New World Order on earth. They even claim that the symbol of Illuminati and Freemasonry is the Eye of Providence which appears in the United States one dollar bill.

Another section of conspiracy theorists argues that the eye found in the sky is a strong indication of weather control programs carried out by governments. They also revealed that the presence of two suns in the sky is a strong proof of an artificial sun created by the government.

A YouTube user named Lord Jock commented that the earth has moved out of its axis, and that is why the sun is setting in a different direction. "I'm sure the earth has moved on its axis coz the sun is setting in a different place to where it used to set," commented Jock.

However, skeptics argue that the eyes seen in the skies is a trick of human mind called pareidolia where our subconscious mind form a recognizable pattern or image on unknown objects.