Alien news: Four UFOs spotted near thundercloud in Sydney [VIDEO]

UFOs near a thunder cloud
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A new video featuring four UFOs near a thundercloud in Sydney skies is now the hottest talking topic among alien buffs all around the world. The video is published by a conspiracy theory channel named 'UFO Today', and as per the description on the video, the clip is shot by a lady in Sydney. The new video has surfaced just days after a clip featuring a UFO with the size of the earth surfaced online.

The video literally resembles a sci-fi movie where we can see four UFO's moving towards a thundercloud in the eeriest manner. We can also notice flashes of lightning in the backdrop, but these flying objects approach the cloud without any hesitation.

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"During a lightning storm over Sydney on the 15th of December 2017, an amateur photographer was able to catch these UFO on camera. She used a time-lapse video function on her camera to capture the amazing thunder cloud action over Sydney. When she downloaded the footage to her PC, she saw these amazing UFO's flying towards the thunderstorm," wrote the channel in the video description.

The conspiracy channel claim that the UFOs always love to be in the vicinity of thunderstorms, so that they can gather a massive amount of energy out of it. The channel also added that a similar incident happened during the explosion of Calbuco volcano in Chili.

Check out the video here:

The video is now receiving positive reviews from all corners, and many people consider it a solid evidence of the existence of alien life. Some YouTube users commented that the alien ship has approached the thundercloud to recharge their vehicles.

A user named Clinton Walsh put forward a different theory stating that these alien ships are nearing the cloud to study about the way in which these storms work.

This article was first published on December 18, 2017