Conspiracy theorist spots 2 UFOs merging with each other; Are they communicating?

merging ufo
YouTube: UFO Today

Conspiracy theory channel 'UFO Today' recently released an eerie video which was apparently shot in the skies of London. The video shows two UFOs in the evening skies, and interestingly, after a brief encounter, they merge with each other. After analyzing the video, the conspiracy theorist suggested that this merging might be a form of communication between aliens.

The YouTube channel also revealed that the clip was sent to many UFO experts and all of them said that they have never witnessed such a sighting.

"This amazing UFO sighting shows us how 2 UFO's merge together. Nobody knows why these 2 UFO's merged together. We have shown this UFO' footage to several UFO exports before we posted it on our channel and they all agreed that this was something they have never witnessed before," wrote the conspiracy theory channel in the video's description.

In the initial portion of the video, we can see two bright orbs from two ends of the sky coming closer. After staying very close for some seconds, they finally merged together and travelled to a different direction. UFO buffs strongly believe that the objects spotted in the skies might be controlled by aliens. These people also argue that these UFOs might have merged to exchange some crucial information.

However, skeptics believe that the objects spotted are nothing but drones. Some other viewers argued that the objects might be the reflection of light or an issue with the camera's lens.

"Filmed through a window, light sources on that window. easy to do," commented Bic Narok, a YouTube user.

The new UFO sighting was reported just a few days after 'Secureteam10', another YouTube conspiracy theory channel revealed an astonishing image of a triangular UFO travelling through a lightning bolt. As the image went viral, alien buffs strongly argued that extraterrestrial beings have that advanced technology to harvest energy from lightning bolts.

This article was first published on May 11, 2018
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