Connection: Hospital Playlist Star Jeon Mi Do to Share Screen Space with Adamas Actor Ji Sung

Connection, an upcoming SBS crime thriller drama starring Jeon Mi Do and JinSung, is only a month away from its premiere. The production team recently shared photos from the script reading event of this crime thriller drama. Hospital Playlist star Jeon Mi Do will share screen space with Adamas Actor Ji Sung in the mini-series. Mi Do, Ji Sung, Kwon Yool, Kim Kyung Nam, and Jung Soon Won gathered together for the script reading event.

Connection is an upcoming SBS crime thriller drama, scheduled to premiere in May. It features the reunion between director Lee Tae Gon and screenwriter Lee Hyun. They previously worked together in the JTBC drama Diary of a Prosecutor. The mini-series will focus on the relationship between detective Jang Jae Kyung, who works for the narcotics unit, and reporter Oh Yoon Jin, who works for a newspaper.

Here is everything about the upcoming SBS drama Connection, like the story, casts, airdate, preview, spoilers, and streaming details.

Connection script reading. X/SBS

Story and Casts

Ji Sung will appear as well-respected detective Jang Jae Kyung, and Mi Do as outspoken reporter Oh Yoon Jin. Jae Kyung is the team leader of the narcotics unit at Anhyun Police Station. He is known for his dedication to work. The senior detectives trust Jae Kyung. The juniors respect him. He depicts complex emotions and delivers a chilling performance.

Mi Do portrays reporter Oh Yoon Jin from the social affairs department of Anhyun Economic Daily. Kwon Yool will play prosecutor Park Tae Jin, who is known for his intelligence. Kim Kyung Nam will feature Won Jong Soo, the vice chairman of Geum Hyun Group. Jung Soon Won will appear as Heo Joo Song, CEO of Two Star Holdings.

Connection logo X/SBS

"Connection is a well-made drama that has artistic quality, timeliness, and a strong message. During the script reading, we became convinced that Connection has the potential to follow the success formula of SBS's Friday-Saturday dramas. We ask that you cheer us on until our upcoming premiere date," the production team shared.

Preview and Spoilers

The teaser video for Connection shows the struggles of Detective Jae Kyung. His transformation from a highly skilled detective to a drug addict. Yoon Jin might help the detective with his new addiction.