5G Chip in Vaccine: 'Confidential' Diagram Leaked in Italy; What's Truth Behind Viral Image?

The supposed '5G chip' schematics featured a section labelled "5G frequency," along with terms "MT-2 Gain," "Footswitch."

A viral image purportedly of a 5G chip diagram in a Covid-19 vaccine once again fueled conspiracy theories surrounding the vaccine. However, the viral image was found to be a fake representation of the 5G chip.

Ever since the work on the vaccine for the global pandemic started, it has been surrounded by a number of conspiracy theories including the insertion of a microchip in the recipient. It was also falsely claimed that the vaccine caused sterilization in women and gene mutation in a fetus.

5g chip
Viral image being circulated as the COVID-19 5G Chip diagram. Twitter

5G Chip Diagram Goes Viral on Social Media

The latest string of conspiracy surrounding the Covid-19 vaccine fueled the hoax that the vaccine will secretly implant the recipients with microchip tracking devices and 5G broadband cellular networks.

The '5G chip' schematics featured a section labelled "5G frequency," along with terms "MT-2 Gain," "Footswitch." The diagram is labelled 'COVID-19 5G Chip Diagram-Confidential'.

Snopes reported that the hoax was pulled off after Mario Fusco, a senior software engineer at Redhat, revealed it to be a schematic for the Boss Metal Zone pedal.

"Here in Italy, people started to share this figure claiming that this is the diagram of the 5G chip that has been inserted in the Covid vaccine. In reality, it is the electric circuit of a guitar pedal and I believe that putting it in the Covid vaccine has been an excellent idea," he tweeted while sharing the image.

Twitter Has Hilarious Responses to 5G Chip Diagram

The viral image certainly ignited a stream of hilarious responses and memes from the users on Twitter. "I would rather be injected with 100,000 5g microchips than be within 100 feet of a Metal Zone pedal," responded a user.

"I have this pedal at home. Should I be worried?" wrote another. Music Tech reported that the Boss Metal Zone was launched in 1991 and is among the brand's best-selling pedals.

"Italian anti-vax conspiracy theorists say Bill Gates is plotting to implant a "Covid-19 5G chip" in the world's populations and are sharing this diagram of it, which is actually a circuit diagram of the BOSS MT-2 guitar effects pedal," wrote another user while debunking the claims.

"We are now at the "guitar world covers Covid misinformation" stage of the pandemic," joked another user.

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