Communist time capsule expectations: What's been NOT accomplished so far?

A letter, inside a time capsule, has recently been opened and it shows that humans of that time had some huge expectations from the humans of today.

In the year 1967, some natives in Siberia had documented their predictions about the future inside a time capsule. They had placed it within a wall of a building at Novosibirsk, Russia. Now, to commemorate the 100th anniversary of Russian Revolution the capsule has been opened and it appears that humankind has not really accomplished all the things that the natives expected.

The three page long letter inside the time capsule reads, "We believe that you have masterfully outfitted our wonderful blue planet, the Earth, explored the Moon and landed on Mars, that you are continuing the exploration of space started by the people of the first half of the century and that your starships have been long prowling the Galaxy.,

Since the time when the letter was written, 50 years have passed by. While humans have, indeed, set foot on the moon, only six manned-missions, to our natural satellite, have taken place so far with the last one being in 1972. However, in terms of Mars, humans have yet to achieve what was expected out of them in the letter. While we did send several probes to the Red Planet, a spacecraft with humans in it is yet to land on Mars.

The message in the letter goes on to become more ambitious after this. It states that humankind will be able to communicate with alien species from distant planets. It reads, "We believe you are negotiating cultural and scientific cooperation with representatives of other, extraterrestrial civilisations." Well, unfortunately, we have failed miserably in this area. Not only that we haven't been able to communicate with any extraterrestrial species, but we also haven't found any of them in the universe yet.

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The time capsule letter also states that communism would flourish in the years 2017. It says, "We know, our time is interesting, but yours is more interesting. We have built communism, and you are living under communism."

Of course, none of the authors are alive today. However, some of them might have been around to witness the fall of communist Soviet Union in 1991.