'Men in Black' maiming UFO aficionados?

The UFO hunter also claimed that government has joined hands with several search engines to sabotage his findings

men in black

Scott C Waring, a popular conspiracy theorist, has recently made a shocking declaration on his website ufosightingsdaily.com regarding the Men in Black, who are said to visit people who have an encounter with a UFO or an alien in order to prevent the news from leaking.

Waring's article also states that he has discovered pieces of evidence about aliens' existence on Mercury.

In the article titled "Site Is Being Attacked By US Gov To Stop The Public From Viewing This Evidence," Waring said that the US government has joined hands with several search engines and now they, together, are trying to sabotage his website. He also suggested that his website has been hacked by the aforementioned entities.

In the post, he also mentioned, "For some time I have had this site taken offline due to Google working with the US government to hide certain information from the public. Some people are reporting spam warnings, others are reporting 404 errors. There is no way in hell that this will stop me from doing what I do. So, to Google and the US Government, I say get the f**k out of my way and off my site! I am sick and tired of all the reports and warnings I have been getting."

Talking about his discoveries on Mercury, he said he has come across alien structures on the planet. He added that he had discovered those proofs from some images taken by a NASA space probe.


"Below are close up structures on planet Mercury. As you see they are deep under the surface and reach above the surface. The difference in lighting tells you these objects are there. Any professional photographer could tell you this. And yet, the public has been programmed since birth to believe that aliens don't exist, that NASA tells them all the truth," wrote Waring.

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The myth of Men in Black had first initiated during the 1950s, when some people, who had witnessed a UFO sighting, started speaking out about how they were visited by some anonymous Government executives who had forewarned them to say nothing about what they experienced.


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