'Comfort Drama' - Why 'King The Land' is a Must-Watch K-Drama

Premiered on JTBC at 10:30 pm KST every Saturday, 'King The Land' continues to captivate audiences worldwide with its soothing storyline. Despite being a year old, it remains a cherished favorite among K-drama enthusiasts, recently trending on social media as fans shared why it's essential viewing.

Many viewers have dubbed this romantic comedy a 'comfort drama', praising its ability to bring joy and healing. For fans, it's a delightful rom-com featuring a charming and healthy couple. The first anniversary of the series was marked with heartfelt quotes and messages from its dedicated followers.

'King The Land' follows the romantic journey of Gu Won (played by Lee Jun-ho), head general manager of King Hotel, and Cheon Sa Rang (portrayed by Im Yoon Ah), a dedicated hotelier. Despite initial challenges, the drama has earned its place as a timeless classic in K-drama history.

King The Land
King The Land poster Twitter/JTBC

Here's why viewers insist 'King The Land' is a must-watch:

"One year ago, I discovered my comfort drama... Many find it healing and revisit it during tough times. Meeting these characters has been amazing."

"Reflecting on the #KingTheLand press conference a year ago. Time flies, and I miss those moments dearly."

"Celebrating one year since the debut of 'King The Land' ❤️ They are one of the most beautiful and loving couples I've ever seen. Guwon and Sarang's story is Junho and Yoona's own love story."

"Happy 1st anniversary to the 'King The Land' press conference! Take me back to those memories."

"Remembering that heartfelt line from #KingTheLand when Guwon tells Sarang, 'When you face difficulties alone, call me. I'll be there.' It brought comfort not just to Sarang but also to Im Yoon Ah."

"Cheers to the best rom-com that continues to bring happiness to many."

"A year ago, my comfort drama aired Happy anniversary to this healing K-drama! Thank you for the joy Always eager for more news about ItYoong."

"From episode 1 to 16, this charming rom-com has brought immense joy. Happy anniversary! Grateful for the happiness it's brought."

"Happy one year to this beloved rom-com that I'll never tire of watching. My go-to healing drama... Happy Anniversary #KingTheLand."

"Happy Anniversary #KingTheLand ❤️ Thank you for being my source of happiness during my thesis. WonLove is unforgettable and thanks for introducing me to my favorite girl."