Truth Behind Actress Song Hee Jun Abandoning Her Dog Monet

Actress Song Hee Jun faced criticism after a post about her abandoning the adopted dog Monet started spreading online. The original rescuers of Monet have alleged that they received Monet back after one year in a very poor condition. Song Hee Jun took to Instagram to explain her side of the story and here is what she had to say.

Song Hee Jun's Instagram was said to have been made private. But to clarify the air, she has again made it public and explained about the events that led her to return Monet to its previous owners. Her Instagram post read: "Two months ago, a young Jindo dog was adopted by my next door neighbor with whom I share the wall and the outdoor yard. Monet could not sleep as he would bark all night every time he would feel the other dog's presence. [...]"

Sung Hee Jun Monet
Actress Sung Hee Jun posing with her adopted pet Monet. Instagram

She also said that her father was fighting cancer and that had made it difficult for her family to look after the Monet. "Recently, my father who is currently fighting cancer, began to feel his health deteriorating at a fast pace. My mother's friend then decided to take care of Monet while she would have to visit the hospital often. Soon, her friend expressed that she would like to raise Monet. [...]."

In her post, actress said that immediately she contacted the original owners and explained them about her difficulty in raising Monet. "I explained the original owners what happened and that my mother's friend wanted to be the new owners, but they refused. The next day, they took back Monet," Sung Hee Jun posted. She ended her post by apologizing to the original owners and Monet for not being responsible enough.

Monet Neglected, Fur Matted?

The IG post that led to controversy was made by original rescuers cum owners of Monet, from whom actress Song Hee Jun had adopted the pet. "Monet was adopted last year, but he's back with us. Obviously, there's nothing wrong with Monet. When we got him back today, his fur was matted to the point of him having skin problems. According to the groomer, his ear fur and head fur were so matted that his ears could have gone necrotic," the original owner's post read.

"After he was groomed, he lost 100g. Thank you to [the pet salon] for volunteering to groom him without causing him any stress! He's going to be with the family who initially fostered him when he was rescued. We're thankful that they took him in again without any hesitations. Monet is still growing and he's very thin, so he has to gain weight. We'll keep you updated," stated the post. Currently the original post has been taken down from Instagram.

Netizens have reacted negatively to Sung Hee Jun's recent post of clarifications. They have questioned her about Monet's health and condition of fur. "They all sound like excuses to me. Please explain to us why the dog's fur conditions are that way??" AllKpop reported that one of actress' friend replied to her Instagram clarifications and accused her of having a record of abandoning a dog once before.

Song Hee Jun had adopted Monet back in June 2020. After adopting, she had shared a number of photos with her pet. She had even created an Instagram account for Monet [@monet_hj) which is still available.