Jung Joon Young's Ex-Girlfriend Reveals Why She Withdrew Case Against Singer

Ex-girlfriend of Jung Joon Young, who has been jailed for five years in gang rape case, has revealed why she withdrew complaint against the singer in 2016.

Singer Jung Joon Young's ex-girlfriend, who had accused him of sex crime, has spoken about the singer after five years. She had filed a police complaint in 2016 stating that he had sexually harassed her and filmed her illegally. However, she later withdrew her complaint resulting in acquittal of Jung Joon Young. The case of singer illegally filming women during sex acts was also terminated.

But after the singer was sentenced to five years in jail in a case of group sexual assault, she has revealed the reason behind withdrawal of complaint against Jung Joon Young in 2016. Allkpop reported that singer's ex-girlfriend spoke in the open only after he was sentenced and said, that she was afraid that she would be charged with false accusations and that would ruin her life.

Jung Joon Young
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Truth Revealed

In an interview she had said that she wanted to tell her side of the story. "I want to take this opportunity to correct my story, which hasn't been known or properly told for five years now that the case has been closed and the truth has been revealed."

She also said that she took the decision to withdraw the case, when police said that there was not sufficient evidence against Jung Joon Young. Cops also had warned her of possibility of being charged with causing personal pain to the former celebrity.

The girl in question was a student in her final year of graduation. She said that it was a critical time for her as she had to graduate and find a job. So, she did not want this case to remain as an unfair criminal record in her life. All she wanted to was to get out of that dangerous situation and prepare for job interviews.

"I thought I could prevent unnecessary media reports that could cause secondary damage to me only if Jung Joon Young was acquitted quickly. You may think it's stupid, but the social atmosphere at the time made it clear there would be interest in the victim, and the specific damage of a sex video would drag me down in the future. I thought I should stop before it got too out of hand," she said. Before signing off, she firmly said that if she had known that he had distributed videos and sexually assaulted other women too, she wouldn't have cooperated with the singer.

Jung Joon Young was initially sentenced to six years in prison in 2019 in a gang rape of drunk unconscious women. He was also convicted in the case of illegally filming himself having sex with a number of women and sharing the footage. However, his sentence was reduced to five years by the Seoul High Court in May 2020. The Supreme Court of South Korea upheld this verdict in September 2020.